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 MID - Proposed short-term Projects Action Plan on Energy and Environment sectors

Date: December 21, 2012
Domain:Environment; Public Utilities; Sustainable Development
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - Dec 21, 2012: The proposed short-term projects action plan focusing on the Energy and Environment sectors (2013-2015) under Maurice Ile Durable (MID) was presented this morning by Mr Osman Mahomed, Executive Chairman, Commission on MID, during a press conference in Port Louis.

The projects, Mr Mahomed said, have been worked out with the respective sectors and have been categorised as follows: MID Literacy; Mauritius Sustainability Index; Energy sector; and, Environment sector.

Under MID Literacy, MID will participate in ECOTV as from February 2013 so as to increase MID literacy among the Mauritian population.  A communication specialist will also be recruited.

A Mauritius Sustainability Index for public listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) is being developed to promote the sustainability agenda in businesses.  The index is expected to go live in March 2013.

As regards the Energy sector, the long-term targets comprise: meeting the Republic’s long term energy needs sustainably by at least 2030; reducing energy consumption in non-residential buildings by 10% by 2020; reducing energy consumption in public sector buildings by 10% by 2020; reducing energy consumption in the transport sector by 35% by 2025; and increasing the share of sustainable renewable sources in electricity production to 35% by 2025.

For the Environment sector, the targets are geared towards improving the performance in the international Environment Performance Indicator and reducing the ecological footprint.  To achieve these targets, a “Cleaner Greener and Pollution free Mauritius Programme” is proposed under the MID Action Plan and will include actions at several levels amongst which: cleaning and embellishment of physical environment; control of dumping on bare lands; minimising Use of agrochemicals and pesticides; protection of the coastal zone and marine ecosystem; and promotion of nutrition farming.

The year 2012 has been marked by a number of activities on sustainable development implemented by different Ministries and Institutions in the context of the MID.  Around 130 projects (big and small) for 2012 have been implemented, said Mr Mahomed.  He gave an overview of these projects.  These include: preparation of Maurice Ile Durable National Policy and ten year - Strategy and three-year Action Plan; production of MID logo through public competition; production of a short film of 5 minutes with the MBC and broadcasted during peak hours on TV; development of Ethanol Framework together with other stake holders; and landfill Gas to Energy project at Mare Chicose of capacity 3MW.

Also, the present year has witnessed the formulation of the MID Policy, Strategy and Action Plan based on the recommendations gathered from an intensive consultative process.  A consultant from the UK, Mr Mott Mac Donald, appointed for this exercise submitted the consolidated document last week.

The MID process

The MID process involves a participatory approach towards elaborating a national strategy for sustainable development, aiming to take on board the aspirations of the whole society in order to create a strong sense of belonging to the nation.

The main objective of the MID concept is to make Mauritius a world model of sustainable development.  MID rests on five designated 5Es namely: Energy, Environment, Education, Employment and Equity. It also embraces the concept of becoming self sustaining and promoting sustainable development in the 5Es.

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