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110 newly-recruited doctors join the public health sector

Date: January 20, 2020
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GIS – 20 January, 2020: Government aspires to maintain a healthy nation and constantly improve the quality of life of Mauritians. It thus seeks to transform existing health services into a modern performing high-quality health system that is patient-centred and which provides accessible equitable, efficient and innovative services.
The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal, made this statement, this morning, during the opening ceremony of a one-day orientation course for 110 newly recruited doctors in the public service, held at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in Bell-Village.
Minister Jagutpal underpinned the core responsibility of his Ministry which is to ensure that quality and equitable health services are provided to the whole population. Its policy, he added, is to improve the quality and delivery of health care by promoting the efficiency of services with emphasis on customer satisfaction.
He reiterated the main objectives of the Ministry which are to provide free access to affordable primary care and hospital care services, including specialised treatments to improve the quality of life of people. Particular attention is also given to primary prevention and enhancing health promotion programmes against numerous diseases as well as safeguard the population against unhygienic environment, he said.
Speaking about the newly-recruited doctors, Dr Jagutpal emphasised that they will reinforce the existing pool of medical and paramedical staff.  It is mandatory for the health personnel to undertake continuous professional development that will enable them to remain updated as regards the latest development in the field of medicine, he added.
According to the Health Minister, practicing as doctors implies a commitment to the principles of professional practice namely abiding to the principles of consent and confidentiality and not putting patients at unnecessary risks.  He urged the new recruits to always stand guided by the code of practice of the medical sector and to the standards of professional conduct and medical ethics in the tasks they undertake to ensure the provision of safe and excellent practice. More importantly, he emphasised, it is crucial to have a positive mindset to ensure the delivery of effective and compassionate health care to patients.
One-day orientation programme
The one-day orientation programme aims at facilitating the immersion of the new recruits into the world of professional practice, by providing relevant information, guidance and advice to familiarise them with the system within which they will operate.
The programme will thus cover essential topics including an overview of different medical units, compassionate care and effective communication skills, radiology and imaging, pharmacy services, and ethical and professional practice.  The 110 doctors will be posted in different units as from Tuesday 21 January 2020, and will work under the close supervision of specialists.
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