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2015 Pre Budget Consultations: Consultative Meeting on Agro-Industry Sector

Date: July 31, 2014
Domain:Agriculture and Food Security; Economy & Finance
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government

GIS - 31 July, 2014: The Agro-Industry sector was the focus of a consultative meeting held yesterday in Port Louis under the chairmanship of the Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Agro Industry and Food Security, Mr A.K. Hoolass, in the context of the 2015 budget preparation.
The meeting was held in the presence of the Financial Secretary, Mr Dev Manraj, and representatives of all the stakeholders of the Agro-Industry sector.
The objective was to come up with proposals to increase growth in that sector with emphasis on re-boosting the sub-sectors namely: sugar, food crop, livestock, tea and biodiversity, with a view to take them to new frontiers.
Discussions also centered on the importance of the Agro-Industry sector with respect to achieving food security in the face of the daunting challenges and the significant role of agriculture in the development of the country. The use of modern technology to increase productivity and diversifying access to markets were evoked in addition to other issues in addressing land abandonment, improving land yield, and supporting access to finance.
This consultative meeting is in line with the vision of the Prime Minister, Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam, to bring reforms and consolidate the various sectors of the economy so as to move to a new threshold of development.
In that context, a series of consultative meetings with stakeholders of the different sectors of the economy are being held at the initiative of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development with the objective to reach a consensus on major policy orientation for incorporation in the forthcoming budget.
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