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Ag Prime Minister inaugurates Salon d’Eté Visual Arts Exhibition 2017

Date: November 28, 2017
Domain:Arts & Culture
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government

GIS - 28 November, 2017: The  Salon D’été Visual Arts Exhibition 2017, which is at its tenth edition, was launched by the Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Mr Ivan Collendavelloo yesterday at the National Art Gallery at Le Plaza, at the Town Hall of the Municipal Council of Beau-Bassin/ Rose-hill. The Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government and Outer Islands, Mrs Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo, the Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Prithvirajsing Roopun, along with several personalities were present on the occasion.
In his address the Acting Prime Minister said that the exhibition provides a platform that fosters thriving artistic creativity and offers opportunities for artists to showcase their talents. He commended the undertakings of the Ministry of Arts and Culture for spearheading such initiatives and added that this endeavour will undoubtedly bolster the cultural wave on the local landscape.
Moreover, he recalled that the renovation of the historical Plaza building underpins Government’s objective to promote local artists and celebrate Fine Arts in addition to uplifting the status of artists in the society.
According to Mr Collendavelloo, this undertaking heralds a fresh start in the field of arts in Mauritius.  The underlying essence of the National Art Gallery should be anchored in the artistic senses and reflections that are free from the pressures and constraints of bureaucracy, he said, adding that the support derived from the Government should not instil subservience in their work wherein only creativity should prevail.  He reiterated that the opportunities being offered will ensure that the next generation of artists will view the profession with pride.
On the same occasion, the Acting Prime Minister proceeded with the launch of the National Art Gallery 2017 catalogue.
For his part, Minister Roopun highlighted that the exhibition provides an important platform for showcasing of local artistic talents. He underscored the importance of giving artists their due recognition, consolidating their status and increasing their visibility.
To this end, he said, his Ministry is providing incentives to artists to open avenues to harness their potential and talents while also promoting their creativity, and artistic skills. Minister Roopun highlighted that the exhibition is part of the various initiatives which aim at giving a new thrust to Fine Arts in the country. It is imperative that the works of local artists are brought in the limelight, and they are able to expose and sell their artworks, he added.
Mr Roopun enumerated the initiatives of Government to provide the necessary support and empowerment to artists in their cultural undertakings. These include, securing and defending the rights of artists with forthcoming changes at the Mauritius Society of Authors and the Copyright Bill as well as providing more space and infrastructure for exhibitions amongst others.  On that score, he also announced the setting up of an Art Fund that will provide financial grants to spearhead various artistic activities.  
Salon D’été Visual Arts Exhibition 2017
The Salon D’été Visual Arts Exhibition 2017 which aims at showing local artistic talents is organised by the National Art Gallery in the context of ongoing celebrations for the 50th independence of the country. The National Art Gallery has given local artists the freedom to choose their own theme for their artwork in a bid to represent the multicultural society. Sixty-two artworks produced by several artists showcasing different techniques, styles and concepts are being exhibited.
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