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Anil Bachoo Highlights Major Road Projects and Achievements

Date: November 29, 2012
Domain:Public Infrastructure; Economy & Finance
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - Nov 29, 2012: The Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping, Mr. Anil Bachoo, made his intervention on Budget 2013 this week at the National Assembly and highlighted the main road and infrastructural projects undertaken by his Ministry. Capital investment in the public infrastructure sector has been to the tune of Rs8.7 billion for buildings and Rs13.5 billion in roads. Concerning road decongestion, in this year’s Budget alone, an allocation of Rs4.3 billion has been provided to deal with the issue of traffic congestion for the enlargement, maintenance and creation of new roads.​

Northern Bypasses

Minister Bachoo said that when the second part of the Shoenfield bypass at Rivière du Rempart will be constructed, it will take people hardly five minutes from one end of Rivière du Rempart to move towards L’Esperance Trebuchet and Cottage. He also announced that the Schoenfeld, Phase II project has already begun. The Goodlands bypass has cost Rs294.7m, and has greatly reduced traffic jam in this region.

With regards to ongoing projects like Terre Rouge-Verdun, Government is spending above Rs2.2 billion and the work is expected to be completed towards the first quarter of next year. The upgrading of Riche Terre road is already on at the cost of Rs75m.

Additional Lanes and Ring Road

Concerning the Grade Separated Junction at Caudan, Government has already started the construction of a third lane, whereas for the second carriage way starting at Pamplemousses up till Grand Baie, the cost is estimated over Rs500m. The minister further indicated that the Port Louis Ring Road Phase I is nearing completion and once the PPP is awarded, the second phase will start. Government has also spent Rs52.2m. on the bridge at Pailles, which is now operational. Regarding the widening of Coleville Deverell Bridge, 50% of the work is already completed.

Decongestion in Plaines Wilhems

While the Réduit Triangle cost the Government Rs354m, about 80% of the works for the widening of the motorway from Phoenix up till Port Louis, is over. Moreover, there will be a bypass from St Pierre to Ebène Triangle. In fact, the work has started and most probably before the end of this year, the St Pierre bypass, which is costing Government Rs250m, will be inaugurated. The cost for the Phoenix-Beaux Songes Road is amounting to about Rs75m. to Rs80m, and the whole project is expected to be finished by April 2013. Minister Bachoo also spoke about the difficulties that the inhabitants of Quatre Bornes are facing during peak hours. To this effect, a project to the tune of Rs80m at Avenue des Tulipes has been earmarked, and will connect it with Hillcrest before joining the motorway.

Government also has in line the project of the Quartier Militaire Road which will start from Providence, which is the last leg, up till Flacq which is going to cost above Rs900m. The work for this project is going to start in 2013. Government spent Rs140m already for the upgrading of Quartier Militaire Road from Wooton to Belle Rive. The upgrading of the Camp Thorel road to the cost Rs42m will now relieve inhabitants and road user of that landlocked village. The Higginson road, which is the link between Providence to St Julien D’Hotman, will be inaugurated before the end of this year.

Faster Southern Routes

In the South, a connective road between Nouvelle France and Souillac is actually under study and consultants have been appointed to that effect. Minister Anil Bachoo stressed that there must be a motorway in the South, starting from Nouvelle France that will end up in Souillac. At the same time, in the South, the road from Nouvelle France up to Beau Climat is being enlarged. Rs85m are going to be spent for this work which will be completed within five months. For Mare D’Albert, Gros Bois Road, Government spent some Rs60m. Government has also rehabilitated three bridges in the South; including one which was 138 years old.

East Coast Trunk Road

Moreover, Minister Bachoo enumerated a list of major projects in the pipeline. For example, a study has already been conducted for the East-West Connector; and the minister affirmed that there will be bypass linking Moka and Flic en Flac. With regards to the East Coast Trunk road, that is, from Forbach to Bel Air, land acquisition has already started and works will start when funds will be disbursed. This will be about 30 kilometres and it will be a road that links the extreme East to the extreme North. At the same time, Government envisages the upgrading the coastal road from Ferney to Bel Air.

Anil Bachoo remarked that by the end of 2012, 66 kilometres of roads would have already been resurfaced. He also pressed upon the need to preserve the asset of the road network in Mauritius by maintaining its level of service in terms of riding quality, comfort and safety according to standards through regular interventions of a routine or periodic nature such as cleaning, upgrading of drains culverts and bridges, patching of potholes, resurfacing works, repair and extension of footpaths, road marking and cleaning, replacing and upgrading road infrastructure and addressing the water accumulation problems.

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