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Annual Gathering to mark World Mental Health Day 2019

Date: October 10, 2019
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GIS – 10 October, 2019: The Brown Sequard Mental Health Care Centre (BSMHCC) commemorated World Mental Health Day 2019, this morning, in Beau Bassin by organising an annual gathering under the theme Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention.
The event comprised an official ceremony and an exhibition of creative activities and items manufactured by inpatients at the Occupational Therapy Department. The objective was to raise awareness on suicide so as to better fight against it at individual, community, family and national levels.
Suicide is deemed an extremely important issue because of its impact on the quality of life of those affected as well as their family. According to the World Health Organisation, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people between 15-29 years old with approximately 800 000 persons dying due to suicide every year worldwide. 
Commemoration of the Day aims at bringing reflection upon multiple and various factors and causes leading to suicide such as prolonged stress due to harassment, bullying, conflictual relationship or unemployment.  Stressful events like rejection, divorce, financial crisis, failures at examinations and exposure to another person suicide are also triggering factors.
In a bid to deliver compassionate and non judgemental listening to anyone who calls and are in distress, crisis lines such as, “Link to Life” based at the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital and the Non-Governmental Organisation “Befrienders”, as well as psychiatrists and clinical psychologists at BSMHCC and in regional hospitals, provide a framework for the way to respond in a natural, supportive, practical manner.  These crisis lines also emphasise listening without pressing the person to talk; assess needs and concerns; ensure that basic physical needs are met; provide or mobilise social support; and offer essential information.
In the context of the World Mental Health Day 2019, Radio and television programmes on the theme will be organised by psychiatrists in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life. The objectives of the programmes are to educate the family and the community about suicide as well as enable them to notice any warning signs of suicide such as behaviour changes; talking about feeling of hopelessness; being a burden to others; isolation from family and friends and; having no reason to live.
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