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Arts & Culture Minister calls for strengthening of National Unity on Divali

Date: November 05, 2015
Domain:Arts & Culture
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 05 November, 2015: The Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Santaram Baboo, made an appeal to the population to preserve the spirit of sharing in view of consolidating national unity in the country.
He was speaking this morning during a press conference in Port Louis in the context of the celebration of Divali festival at national level on Saturday 7 November in Quatre Bornes, which will include the participation of both foreign and local artists.
According to Minister Baboo, Divali festival is the opportune time for all Mauritians to demonstrate a sense of sharing. He further outlined that the celebration of the festival of light is an occasion for one and all to strengthen and consolidate the bonds that exist among the different communities. This special characteristic, he said, makes our country an ideal place to live and is recognised as a model in the world for its unique cultural and linguistic diversity.
Mr Baboo further called upon the population for their participation and support to make of this festival a success.
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