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Bagatelle Dam to be completed by June 2017

Date: December 28, 2016
Domain:Public Utilities
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GIS - 28 December, 2016: The impoundment of the Bagatelle dam which started on 22 December 2016 will last till June 2017. In some six months, with favourable rainfall, the Dam will be completely filled and water which is being directed from the Cascade river will contribute to water storage. 
The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Public Utilities and Minister of Tourism, Mr Ivan Collendavelloo;  the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Pravind Jugnauth,  and other Ministers, made a  on-site visit yesterday in the context of the impoundment of the Bagatelle dam.
According to the Director of Water Resources Unit, Mr Lomush Juggoo, the project which was launched in December 2011 was expected to be completed in December 2014. However, due to certain technical difficulties the revised completion date is now June 2017.
The dam conforms to all safety measures and is not a danger to the population. A dam break analysis study has been conducted in accordance with international safety norms, he said adding that a draft of the report has been produced and it  will be soon finalised, in consultation with concerned stakeholders next year.
The dam crosses over the Terre Rouge river, forming a plain reservoir with a storage capacity of 14 million m³ and will be able to produce up to 25 million m³ once the Bagatelle Water Treatment Plant is operational.  The structure type of the dam is an earth-rock fill dam with crest length of approximately 2 550m.
Bagatelle Dam is a major project for the country and constitutes an important milestone in the modernisation of the water sector. The project will ensure a more reliable water supply to the Port-Louis and the Lower Plaines Wilhems regions. It is among the five main water supply projects to satisfy water demand in the country after the Midlands Dam project which was launched in the year 2000 to ease water problems in the country.
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