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Budget 2014 Highlights: Taking the sector of agriculture to a new frontier

Date: November 14, 2013
Domain:Agriculture and Food Security
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 14 November, 2013: The 2014 Budget makes provision to take the sector of agriculture to new frontier as it remains significant in the development of our country. This will be done by addressing land abandonment, improving land yield, supporting access to finance, use of modern technology and access to markets.
To address the issue of abandoned land, an amount of Rs 400 million is being allocated  for FORIP to carry out derocking in 2014 as this is seen as an effective way to halt land abandonment and to improve land productivity.
The Seed Industry which is a new industry is cropping up with great potential and its legal framework was set up in 2012 and to continue in the same line the budget is providing Rs 3 million to set up the National Plant Varieties and Seed Office within the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security.
To tackle the problem of increasing losses incurred by fruit growers, the budget is providing Rs 4 million to cover 75 per cent of the purchase price of bat nets and the provision for the freight rebate scheme for horticulture exports from Rs 10 million to Rs 15 million.
The full VAT refund scheme for agricultural machinery, equipment and tools which was introduced in 2012, is being made permanent as announced in the budget.
The budget is providing funds to control and measure the use of pesticides and other chemicals in agriculture. As for animal breeders they will also henceforth benefit from 50 per cent grant on livestock schemes implemented under the Food Security Fund and the budget is providing Rs 4 million for another “salle de découpe” as a marketing facility to pig breeders.
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