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Budget 2018-19: Extending the Social Aid system for an inclusive society

Date: June 20, 2018
Domain:Social Security
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS - 20 June, 2018: Budget 2018-2019 consolidates the welfare system and strengthen support to vulnerable segment of the society. Focus is laid on inclusiveness whereby every citizen has equal rights with regards their adherence into the mainstream society.
Measures have been crafted to include every segment of the social ladder as part of the economic and social development of the economy to ensure that nobody is left apart and are deprived of their social privileges. This endeavor is being translated into concrete action following the introduction of the Negative Income Tax and the Minimum Wage in the last budget which has created new dynamics and increased the purchasing power of those at the lower end of the economic ladder.
As a continuity to the social measures already in place, Budget 2018-2019 has taken a step further by introducing new sets of actions geared towards alleviating the livelihood of the vulnerable including children in distress, elderly and disabled. They are:
  • Rs 30 million for assistance in terms of wheelchairs, hearing aids, spectacles, and dentures
  • increase in the income threshold from Rs 10 000 to Rs 15 000 for persons benefitting from legal aid
  • rise in the monthly carer’s allowance to bed-ridden persons under the Basic Invalid Pension from Rs 2 500 to Rs 3 000
  • full duty exemption on the purchase of a motor car of engine capacity of up to   
1 600 cc to increase mobility of disabled persons
  • investment in public buildings infrastructure to make it easier for disabled persons to have access to public buildings
  • Rs 60 million for a new shelter at Pointe Aux Sables to support the rehabilitation and reintegration process of children in distress
  • two elderly day care centres at Bambous and Chemin Grenier
  • upgrading of existing shelters at: Oasis at Grand River North West, La Colombe at Pointe Aux Sables and Oiseau du Paradis at Cap Malheureux
  • specialised training for 50 carers initially with the collaboration of the MITD
  • increase by 40 percent in the monthly grant from Rs 6 071 to Rs 8 500 to employees of residential care homes and institutions caring mostly for elders with disabilities
  • provision for four psychiatric nurses to assist children with behavioural problems
  • construction of nine new children playgrounds and the upgrading of 19 existing playgrounds across the island
  • extension of the existing facility of Incontinence Allowance to Elderly Persons in the age group of 70 and 74 years

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