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Budget 2018/2019: Promoting sports culture for a healthier nation

Date: June 20, 2018
Domain:Youth & Sports
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GIS - 20 June, 2018: Government is committed to promoting sports culture for a healthier nation and nurturing promising athletes to attain excellence through a carefully development plan.
Budget 2018-2019 provides for the first National Sports and Physical Activity Policy for Mauritius with the vision of developing healthier citizens, and a stronger nation. As part of the policy, Rs 38 million will be invested to formulate sports and physical activity programmes to motivate and encourage regular participation of children, youth, adults and senior citizens.
The policy will rest on the following: promoting activities to provide physical, mental, emotional and social experiences for all ages; improving the standards of coaches and tutors; increasing accessibility, and implement a sports infrastructure maintenance policy; improving performance of elite sportspersons; and identify processes to be put in place to evaluate the short, medium and long-term effectiveness of funding programmes and schemes in sports.
For the ‘Jeux des Iles de l’Ocean Indien’ 2019, Rs 195 million has been allocated for the organisation of the games at the Côte d’Or Sports Complex and an additional Rs 75 million to support athletes training.
Moreover, an amount of Rs 375 million will be provided for the upgrading of 17 sporting facilities, including two in Rodrigues to enable citizens practise sports activities in their neighbourhood.
Other projects in the pipeline include the construction of a Swimming Pool in Rivière des Anguilles and at Camp Garreau; Multi-sports Complex in Plaine Magnien and Case Noyale; Malherbes Multipurpose Gymnasium; Plein Bois Football Ground; a Gymnasium at Médine and a Sports Complex at Cottage.
Budget 2018-2019 also makes provision to facilitate employability of high level sportsmen and sportswomen and giving them due recognition for their contributions.
State Recognition Allowance Scheme for Retired Athletes
A new scheme, the State Recognition Allowance Scheme for Retired Athletes, has been introduced to give due recognition to athletes who have won medals at African and international games and championships. As at March 2018, there were 105 beneficiaries. Mauritian athletes won 160 medals in competitions at continental, intercontinental and world levels in 2017.
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