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Budget 2019-2020: Measures to promote a safer and more secure living environment

Date: June 14, 2019
Domain:Law and Order
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS – 14 June, 2019: Government is determined to make Mauritius one of the safest and more secure countries in the world by investing in securing the Mauritian border by combating drug trafficking and by strengthening the law and order of the country.
Government has been relentlessly fighting against drug dealing in the recent years through several actions with positive outcomes. These include: the seizure of some 750kg of drugs worth more than Rs 5.7 billion by the Anti Drugs and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) and other enforcement agencies; the setting up of a National Drug Secretariat under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence and Rodrigues; and the setting up of a High Level Drug and HIV Council among others. To step up this fight, provision has been made for the acquirement of specialized vehicles and security and communication equipment by the ADSU in order to detect and sanction drivers under the influence of drugs.
Some Rs 275 million has been allocated for the Road Safety Programme with the objective to improve road safety and reduce road accidents. The programme comprises:
·         provision for road safety devices and accident countermeasures along hazardous roads;
·         the installation of conspicuous traffic signage and road markings;
·         safer infrastructure and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians;
·         improvement of the road crash data management system;
·         establishment of a national traffic data management system for traffic management, modelling and decongestion program;
·         coordination of traffic signal systems; and
·         the issue of smart driving licence cards with security control mechanisms to counter the production of fake driving licences.
In view to enhancing the law and order in the country, the Budget 2019-2020 makes provision for the installation of 4,000 Intelligent Surveillance Cameras and 300 Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Cameras as part of the Safe City Project; the setting up of a Drone Team to increase surveillance and support targeted operations; and the amendment of the Reform Institutions Act so as to include murder as a category not to be eligible for remission or release on parole.
Moreover, three new Divisional Headquarters will be created at Piton, Rose-Belle and Rose-Hill with the objective to provide police officers a conducive environment to operate in, and three new Police Stations will cater for Cité La Cure and Vallée des Prêtres, Phoenix and Triolet. Some Rs 450 million will also be allocated for upgrading the Dornier aircraft, the implementation of the Advance Passenger Information System at the Airport and for the acquisition of vehicles for the Police Force. A New Driving Licence and Test Centre will be set up at Centre de Flacq and the Oral Test Centre will also be upgraded.
Budget 2019-2020 lays emphasis on a safer and more secure Mauritius. To fully tap the potential of the Fire and Rescue Service of the country, a vehicle for rapid and effective intervention during incidents involving hazardous materials will be acquired along with three Swift Water Vehicles and three additional water tenders. A Fire Safety and Prevention Information Management System will also be provided to boost up response time.
With the aim to uphold the rule of law in the country, a strong Judiciary is essential. In this context, provision has been made for:
·         the completion of the Supreme Court Building by the end of this year;
·         the construction of a New District Court for Upper Plaines Wilhems on State Land at Forest Side;
·         the proper maintenance and upgrading of all District Courts  so as to ensure better services;
·         the introduction of a modern computerized revenue collection system to allow on-line payment of fines and other fees; and
·         the introduction of new legislations in order to set up a separate Court of Appeal, a separate Land Division of the Supreme Court and a Children’s Court.
An amount of Rs 50 million has also been earmarked for the setting up of a Land Research and Monitoring Unit as well as a Special Fund with the view to provide justice to cases of dispossession of land highlighted before the Truth and Justice Commission.
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