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CEB working on project of a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant

Date: October 20, 2015
Domain:Public Utilities
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 20 October, 2015: In line with its objective to ensure security of supply, the Central Electricity Board (CEB) is contemplating to set up a 135-150 MW thermal power plant based on Combined Cycle Gas Turbine technology at its site at Les Grandes Salines in the Port Louis harbor vicinity. The project is expected to cost around Rs 7 billion.
The Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Mr Ivan Collendavelloo, effected a site visit this morning at the site earmarked for the construction of the CCGT plant. He said that the site earmarked, which belongs to the CEB, has an area of approximately 6,3 acres and is ideally located for the construction of the power plant due to its close proximity to the port for bunkering as well as the CEB high voltage Saint Louis substation for power evacuation.
The CEB intends to run the CCGT plant on light diesel oil (gasoline) in the initial phase of its operation for about 3 to 4 years, and later change over to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) once it becomes available in Mauritius. The plant will consist of two gas turbines (2 x 50 MW) and one steam turbine (1 x 50 MW).
In order to proceed further with this project, the CEB will first undertake a detailed design of the proposed CCGT plant and then proceed with the procurement process for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the 135-150 MW plant. An expression of interest for consultancy services has recently been launched by the CEB to appoint a consultant. The project is expected to start in January 2018.
The consultant will be responsible, amongst others, to carry out:
-          a feasibility study to validate the project and to propose technical implementation solutions;
-          the necessary Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk Assessment to confirm   compliance with current legislation in force in Mauritius and adhere to requirements of the Mauritius Ports Authority and the Ministry of Environment; and
-          a detailed design engineering of the proposed power plant.
According to the CEB’s Integrated Electricity Plan 2013-2022, the electricity demand in Mauritius is expected to increase from 459 MW in 2015 to reach 574 MW in 2022.
Liquefied Natural Gas
LNG is a safe, environmentally-friendly fuel. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and is being used throughout the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Compared to coal, natural gas produces far fewer carbon dioxide emissions and sulfur emissions.  As a fuel, LNG produces relatively low emissions when burned to heat and cool homes, generate electricity, and power vehicles. It therefore contributes to a cleaner environment.
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