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Circular Migration- More Mauritian Workers to take Employment in Canada

Date: June 21, 2012
Persona: Government; Citizen

GIS - June 21, 2012: A pre-departure briefing session for a first batch of five workers leaving for Canada to work as technicians on a two-year contract in the field of Heavy Duty Mechanics in the regions of Regina and Saskatchewan was held yesterday in Port Louis at the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment.
The objective of the briefing session was to ensure that the five workers, selected under the Circular Migration programme, are clearly aware of the terms and conditions related to their employment including the terms of their work contract and to better prepare them for their integration in Canada. They were exposed to a presentation on the various procedures regarding their departure and accommodation in Canada.
The employment opportunities in these two regions had been made possible following an agreement signed in September last year between the International Organisation for Migration in Mauritius and the Federal Government of Canada to enhance cooperation in the field of employment between the two countries as well as facilitate the mobility of Mauritians workers in that country.
The relevant documents were handed over to the five workers by the Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Mr Shakeel Mohamed. He made an appeal to them to respect the terms and conditions of their contract and to collaborate with their employers so as to maintain the good reputation of Mauritian workers in that country. According to him, this will help create more opportunities in new areas for future Mauritian migrants to Canada.
Minister Mohamed also pointed out that the Federal Government of Canada has accepted, during his visit to Canada in April last, to look into various possibilities of recruitment of Mauritians to work in the province of Saskatchewan.
It will be recalled that at present over 350 Mauritian workers in the age group of 26 and 29 years are working in different sectors in various regions in Canada under the Circular Migration programme. According to a survey conducted on a sample of 90 workers regarding the benefits they acquire in Canada, after three months, 79% of the workers seem to be well integrated in their new life. The survey showed that, at the end of the two-year contract, 34% of the workers have earned enough money to either open their own business in Mauritius or have the opportunity to renew their work contract with the company. Some are also sending remittances to help their families in Mauritius to improve their standard of living.
Government Information Service, Prime Minister’s Office, Level 6, New Government Centre, Port Louis, Mauritius. Email: Website:Government Information Service
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