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Civil Service Ministry Launches the 2013 Public Service Excellence Award

Date: October 31, 2013
Domain:Civil Service
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 31 October, 2013: Maurice Ile Durable-Adoption of modernised methods for a green Civil Service is the theme of the 2013 Public Service Excellence Award (PSEA) which the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Mr. Sutyadeo Moutia, launched yesterday in Port Louis.
The objective of 2013 PSEA is to promote innovation and excellence in the delivery of public services while motivating government employees to cultivate the habit of excellence in their respective organisations. Besides, the PSEA aims at encouraging the Civil service to walk abreast of time by being more customer-focused.
In his address, the Minister stressed that over the years, the PSEA has affirmed itself as a motivational tool and driven Ministries and Departments on the road to excellence. He further said that the Civil Service across the world is facing an environment of dynamic stability where business as usual implies change. Hence, he explained the rationale of the PSEA, which according to him, creates the opportunity for organisations to explore all possible avenues towards achieving the right delivery standards for a better service delivery.
Minister Moutia also made an appeal to Ministries and Departments to adopt green practices in line with the 2013 PSEA theme whereby he enumerated some areas where the green practices can be adopted namely as regards paper or power consumption or even green procurement. According to him, the Government cannot lead the transition to a green economy alone. Hence he called upon each and every Department and officer to promote green business practices and demonstrate principles of sustainable development in their daily activities.  
Adopting modernised methods and treading on the way to sustainable development is about forging the way forward, he added. Current policies and processes need to be re-engineered to encompass a wide range of fundamentally important imperatives in the quest for a sustainable Mauritius, he concluded.
For his part, the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry, Mr. Sateeaved Seebaluck, pointed out that the public sector has now also come to realise that looking after its customers and taking the opportunity to learn from them is key to delivering effective and efficient services. This is the reason why the guiding principle of Public Service transformation and reform is “service to the people”, he said.
The Ministry launched the PSEA in October 2006. The main objective is to foster excellence and innovation in the development of a quality public service. In addition, the competition motivates officers to adopt ways to meet the daily challenges and promotes a performance-oriented, responsive and accountable public service. For the 2012 edition, 45 entries were received as compared to 33 in 2011.
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