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Civil Service a growing symbol of excellence, says Minister Boissézon

Date: February 02, 2017
Domain:Civil Service
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS – 02 February, 2017: Today, the Civil Service epitomises a centre of excellence, increasingly capable of reacting to changing customer needs and aspirations, expediently, and in the most cost effective manner, said the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Mr Marie Cyril Eddy Boissézon, this morning at Fooks House in Port Louis.
The Minister was addressing some 50 Assistant Permanent Secretaries (APS) attending an Induction Course organised by the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms.  Out of the 50 participants, around 41 have been recently appointed to the post following a selection exercise.  The remaining ten were already in post.
The selected candidates were required to take part in a written examination conducted by the Public Service Commission designed to assess their potential and aptitude for administrative work and their ability for problem-solving.
In his address, the Minister stated that Public Officers are not only viewed as providers of services, but more importantly, as key partners of development due to the fact that the nature of Government has changed over the years.
Government, said Mr Boissézon, is by and large being regarded as a facilitator of business, creating the necessary conditions and laying the foundations and this is where the role of an APS as manager becomes crucial.  This is because quite apart from implementing the objectives and vision of Government, it also devolves on these Officers to manage scarce resources in order to respond to unmet societal needs, he pointed out.  All this per force calls for a change of mind-set, a new work culture and ethos, integrity and commitment of the highest order, the Minister added.
The Induction
The APS is expected to assist in providing administrative support to the machinery of Government in designing, formulating and implementing Government policies.
The five-day Induction Course aims at sharing organisational values and job specific information as well as increasing beneficiaries’ knowledge about organisational procedures and policies.
Topics being addressed include: challenges and responsibilities of APS; machinery of government; law-making process; drafting of cabinet papers, replying to Parliamentary Questions and policy documents; project management; public sector financial management; human resources management in the public service; integrity of public life and good governance; leadership and managing change; strategic thinking; and, international relations-obligations.  Resource persons are from the public sector.
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