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Civil servants should contribute to the progress of the country, says Minister Boissézon

Date: November 20, 2017
Domain:Civil Service
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS  - 20 November, 2017: Civil servants are vested with the duty of contributing to the national wealth of the country in the performance of their duties. This endeavour in turn translates into Government’s core mission of keeping up the dynamic development of the country that will inherently translate into the progress of the population.
This statement was made this morning by the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Mr Eddy Boissézon, at the Sir Harilal Vaghjee Memorial Hall, New Government Centre, in Port-Louis where he was addressing newly recruited Office auxiliary officers/Senior auxiliary officers.
Minister Boissézon, highlighted that the new 165 recruits henceforth form part of the cohort of 55 000 civil servants wherein each worker irrespective of his position has an important contribution to the smooth running of the civil service. Moreover, he observed that the ongoing recruitment by the civil service, some 15 000 new recruits since 2015, form part of Government’s strategies to ensure the welfare of the citizens and to alleviate poverty. He pointed out that measures such as the Minimum Pay and the Negative Income Tax also contribute to this goal.
He emphasised that the Office Auxiliaries in the performance of their duties will be the real frontliners as they will represent the corporate image of the civil service. He added that the new recruits will help to enhance the customer service of the civil service to the public in addition of helping to advance Government’s goal of bringing change.
A two- day induction programme has been designed to give the new recruits an overview of their roles and responsibilities, structures of Ministries and lines of reporting, among others. The new recruits will be posted to various departments and Ministries.
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