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Closure of fast lanes of Motorway M1 at Hillcrest

Date: January 21, 2020
Domain:Public Infrastructure
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS21 January, 2020: The fast lane on the northbound and southbound carriageways of the Motorway M1 will be closed to vehicular traffic so as to ensure public safety as from 24 January 2019 from 10 00 hours to 15 00 hours during day time and from 19 00 hours to 06 00 hours during night time ending up to 17 February 2020.
In a bid to alleviate traffic congestion at St Jean, an interchange is being constructed across Motorway M1, at Hillcrest, as an alternative route for vehicles entering and exiting Quatre Bornes. In that context, piling work along the central verge of Motorway M1 for the new interchange will extend for a duration of three weeks.
It is to be noted that access to Quatre Bornes from the North and East is provided mainly through the St Jean Roundabout. The roundabout serves as a major access point to complexes such as La Cité Trianon and Emerald Park Ltd thus causing congestion during peak hours, resulting in significant queuing along Motorway M1.
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