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Constitution (Electoral Reform) (Amendment) Bill to be introduced in National Assembly

Date: December 03, 2018
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS - 03 December, 2018: Government has agreed to the introduction of the Constitution (Electoral Reform) (Amendment) Bill into the National Assembly.  The main object of the Bill is to reform certain aspects of the electoral system of Mauritius.
Accordingly, the Bill amends the Constitution to provide for 63 seats in the Assembly for members representing constituencies, in lieu of 62, and in addition to the 63 constituency seats, 12 proportional representation seats (PR seats) and a maximum of 10 additional seats, with a view to ensuring wider representation of parties in the National Assembly.
In addition, the Bill does away with the requirement for the mandatory declaration as to the community to which a constituency candidate belongs to.
Moreover, in order to seek better gender representation in the National Assembly, the Bill provides that every party or party alliance shall present not more than two thirds of constituency candidates of the same sex and that every proportional representation list (PR list) submitted by a party or party alliance shall comprise not more than two thirds of persons of the same sex.
The Bill also provides for anti-defection measures to enhance stability.
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