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Covid-19 : Mauritius extends travel restrictions to European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Reunion Island for next two weeks

Date: March 16, 2020
Domain:Health; Tourism
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GIS - 16 March, 2020: As from 20 00 GMT, Wednesday 18 March 2020, Mauritius is extending travel restrictions for a period of two weeks on foreign passengers coming from or having transited during the last 14 days in countries of the European Union, including United Kingdom and Switzerland. Also, as from today 20 00 GMT,  all foreign passengers coming or transiting from Reunion Island will not be allowed to enter Mauritius for the next two weeks.
As for Mauritians coming from these countries, they will be automatically placed in quarantine for a period of two weeks.
These preventive measures have been announced, this morning, at a press conference by the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, in Port Louis, following a high-level committee on Covid-19. As a date there is no case of Covid-19 in Mauritius.
According to the World Health Organisation, said the Prime Minister, Europe is the new epicenter of the coronavirus adding that there are currently 157 countries around the world affected by the pandemic. This situation is having consequential impacts on various sectors of the Mauritian economy, especially the tourism industry, he added.
Amid this outbreak, he reiterated Government’s efforts to prevent the virus from reaching Mauritius while highlighting that meetings are being held on a daily basis at the level of different ministries to monitor closely the situation. However, he said, Mauritius, figuring among countries not yet affected by Covid-19, remains extremely vulnerable and at risk.
The Prime Minister also underlined that arrangements will be made for passengers who have opted for the special Air Mauritius flight package with itinerary from Reunion Island to Mauritius and eventually to France.
Referring to the cruise ship from Fremantle Australia expected to dock the Mauritian port, he indicated that Government is applying all sanitary measures and will ensure that the ship is on sea for a period of more than 14 days before reaching Mauritius.
Prime Minister Jugnauth appealed to the population to seek information only from trusted sources and not to give in to fake news regarding Covid-19. He advised them to adopt good hygienic habits such as washing hands regularly with soap, to refrain from shaking hands and to avoid crowded places.
Speaking on sanitary measures, he indicated that an additional budget has been allocated to the Ministry of Health and Wellness to acquire necessary equipment if ever there is any case of Covid-19. He added that the population is to rest assured that there is no shortage of supply of basic commodities such as rice, oil, flour, milk and petrol on the market.
It is to be noted that Mauritius has already taken a number of policy decisions to restrict travel from a number of high risk countries such as Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Italy and Iran.
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