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Covid-19: Mauritius to lift curfew on 30 May 2020, at midnight, says PM

Date: May 29, 2020
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GIS -29 May, 2020: The curfew in Mauritius imposed due to Covid-19 is being lifted on Saturday 30 May 2020, at midnight, announced the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, this evening, in a televised address to the nation. As from Sunday 31 May 2020, most economic activities resume.  However, some restrictions will still be imposed on certain activities, in public spaces and public gatherings.


Today, said Mr Jugnauth, each person will agree that the lockdown was necessary, and, along with other sanitary measures introduced, has been fruitful.  Now, Mauritius is embarking on a new phase. 


Commenting on current Covid-19 figures as at now, the Prime Minister observed that Mauritius has registered three imported Covid-19 cases.  These patients were passengers in quarantine but the country has not recorded any new local case over more than a month.  Presently, Mauritius is among the first countries to have carried out more screenings per 1000 inhabitants.  As at now, more than 110 000 tests have been conducted.  It is on the basis of this data, that Government has taken the decision to ease the curfew on Saturday 30 May 2020 at midnight, he pointed out.


The only way to fully protect each citizen is to stay indoors but this cannot be the case in the long term and this is why the lockdown has been eased in a phased manner, he highlighted.  Covid-19 has impacted the world on the medical front and has also affected economies and the social sphere and Mauritius has not been spared, he indicated.


Mauritius, said Mr Jugnauth, has successfully managed the crisis and a number of activities will be able to resume.  However, there are a number of laws and instructions by which citizens will have to abide as Mauritians will have to learn how to live and work in a post Covid world, he remarked. 


The Prime Minister said that the sacrifice each citizen has made has brought a positive outcome and cautioned that if ever local sources of contamination are detected, strict measures will be imposed.  He urged Mauritians to maintain precautionary actions such as wearing of masks, avoiding spitting in public spaces, respecting social distancing where possible, and washing hands regularly.  He advised citizens presenting Covid-19 symptoms, to go to Covid Testing Centres to avoid generating local sources of contamination.


The two-month curfew has severely impacted our economy and if there is a second lockdown it will be even more difficult for our economy to take off, said Mr Jugnauth.  Next week the National Budget will be presented in a situation in which never before our country has had to face, he observed.


Government, said the Prime Minister, is aware that an aggressive economic recovery is important and it is crucial to avoid the widening of the gap between different social classes.  There are many challenges facing Mauritius and we have to introduce constructive actions and if we all work together we will progress, he added.  He further expressed conviction that as a country, Mauritius will be able to face all challenges in the future and succeed.


Resumption of activities


The Prime Minister further outlined how the lockdown will be eased


These include: citizens will be able to go out without abiding to the alphabetical order rule; the Work Access Permit will not be used; the elderly and those who have a weak health will have to avoid rush hours to travel; those aged under 18 will be able to go out; day care centres and nurseries will be allowed to operate; and trades such as supermarkets will be able to operate on a normal hour basis without having to necessarily respect the alphabetical order rule.


The wearing of masks will be compulsory and social distancing will have to be respected as much as possible.  Restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, shops, arcades and shopping malls will be allowed to resume operation under certain sanitary conditions.  Food and vegetable markets will be allowed to open as per the instructions of Municipality and District Council.


It is recalled that already this week, local authorities have proceeded with the disinfection of all food and vegetable markets.  Government is advising citizens to continue working from home wherever possible.


Individual sporting activities will be permitted under certain sanitary conditions.  Places of worship will be allowed to receive devotees.  Beaches, fairs, cinemas and nightclubs will remain closed.  Collective sporting activities, socio-cultural gatherings, sporting and cultural events will not be authorised.  However, this decision will be reviewed in two weeks time.


If the Government sees that after testing the population that the number of local cases remains nil, these activities will be able to resume and all public places and other trades will be able to operate after Monday 15 June 2020.


As for the education sector, schools will not open now but on 1st August schools will open to prepare school personnel, students and parents for the resumption of classes scheduled for Monday 3 August 2020.  Mauritius frontiers will not open for the moment but stranded Mauritian nationals are being repatriated in a controlled manner to stay safe and avoid the propagation of the virus.


#ResOuLakaz #BeSafeMoris​

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