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Covid-19: No shortage of basic commodities, reassures Minister Sawmynaden

Date: March 09, 2020
Domain:Consumer Protection
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GIS - 09 March, 2020: There is no shortage of supply of basic commodities such as rice, oil, flour, milk and petrol on the market and there is no cancellation from suppliers, reassured the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Mr Yogida Sawmynaden, today, at a press conference in relation to Covid-19 and the issue of the availability and prices of certain products on the local market, at the seat of his Ministry in Port Louis.
He indicated that as at date, there is a stock of 1 556 metric tons of long grain rice on the market for 22 days adding that 2 774 tons, representing 40 days of stock availability, have been stocked in a warehouse. Furthermore, a shipment of 500 metric tons of long grain rice will be available as from 11 March, he said. As regards ‘Basmati’ rice, Minister Sawmynaden pointed out that a new stock will be arriving end of July.
Speaking about LPG gas, he again gave the assurance that there is no shortage on the market. A tanker carrying 2 000 metric tons of gas will arrive in Mauritius on 16 March while a new stock of petrol will be arriving by 18 to 20 March. There is no cancellation from ships and suppliers, stated the Minister.
Mr Sawmynaden further appealed to the population not to give in to panic buying and to avoid creating artificial shortages of products. He said that such a phenomenon can lead to price rise and deprive essential goods out of the hands of people who need them most.
With regard to complaints received from members of the public as regards shortages of masks and hand gel sanitisers on the market, he appealed to importers and suppliers to refrain from making profits out of these products and instead to display a sense of patriotism.
He added that officers from the Consumer Affairs Unit will be on the field so as to ensure that there is no exaggeration of prices of commodities as well as artificial scarcity.
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