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Covid-19: Strict measures on public transport for safer travel

Date: May 13, 2020
Domain:Health; Public Infrastructure
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS  – 13 May, 2020: Government has elaborated strict guidelines and regulations that both commuters and public transport operators will have to adhere to.  These guidelines and regulations are in line with Government’s strategy to ensure that there is no risk of the propagation of Covid-19 as the country gradually prepares itself to allow certain economic activities to resume as from 15 May 2020.


The Minister of Tourism, Mr Georges Pierre Lesjongard, shared this information, on 12 May 2020, during an early evening broadcast on national television.  ‘It is essential that the population continues to respect, with the same discipline, the hygiene measures already in place to avoid a second wave of the pandemic, in particular through the barrier gestures such as wearing masks, washing hands, and respecting social distancing,’ he said.  To this end, families on the Social Register of Mauritius will be offered protective masks for free.


The Minister also gave an overview of the plan for the gradual resumption of public transport as from 15 May 2020, namely:


Ø  Operating hours of public transports:

·         Buses: 5 am to 9 pm

·         Metro: 6 am to 7 pm


Ø  The following are considered peak hours:

·         6 am to 10 am

·         and 14.30 hours to 19.00 hours


The elderly and those aged under 18 should refrain from travelling by public transportation during peak hours, except in emergency situations.


·    A limited number of passengers will be allowed onboard to ensure that social distancing is respected. In the metro, a maximum of 81 passengers is allowed; there will be restriction on the number of passengers per seat in buses; in taxis, no more than three passengers will be authorised, and for taxis with seven seats, no more than four passengers

·         Bus and metro stations as well as vehicles will be disinfected regularly

·        Transport workers will have to wear masks and gloves

·        The public is requested to pay the exact travelling fare to minimise contact


As for the private sector, the Minister indicated that the sector will have to abide by strict hygiene rules at the workplace. He urged employers to promote the Work-From-Home system and to consider the setting up of a "Covid-19" team which will be responsible for elaborating hygiene measures and ensuring that employees put these measures into practice.


Moreover, any suspected cases of Covid-19 in the private sector, will have to be reported to the authorities.  Additionally, companies that receive visitors must implement strict sanitary provisions and keep a Visitor’s Book with their contact information, to facilitate Contact Tracing if necessary.


Minister Lesjongard also spoke about the 57 amendments being brought to the Covid-19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, some of which, he said, will help boost the economy while others aim to bring relief to the population. He called for public solidarity in this time of crisis, adding that sacrifices are imperative to improve the socioeconomic situation of the country.


#ResOuLakaz     #BeSafeMoris

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