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Creole culture is a shared national heritage that binds the population, says President Roopun

Date: December 06, 2019
Domain:Arts & Culture
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GIS - 06 December, 2019: The 14th edition of the Festival Internasional Kreol 2019 was launched, yesterday, at Balaclava, with a ‘Sware Poezi’ and other activities celebrating the Mauritian Creole culture. The President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr. Prithvirajsing Roopun, and the Minister of Tourism, Mr Georges Pierre Lesjongard, as well as other personalities were present on the occasion.  
In his address, the President of the Republic of Mauritius highlighted that Creole is a national cultural heritage that binds everyone into a shared identity. He highlighted the critical need of ensuring that the Creole culture and values continue to thrive and are inculcated to the next generations.  
He recalled that Creole is our mother tongue and is spoken by the whole native population, hence plays a unifying role and contributes to social harmony. Government recognises the value and importance of this unique cultural heritage, and with the aim of safeguarding it, has undertaken a series of measures, among which, the setting up of the Akademi Kreol Repiblik Moris that was launched on 03 October 2019, as well as the elaboration of the 3rd edition of the Diksioner Morisien.
President Roopun also reiterated the core mission of the Government which is to strengthen social harmony and national unity, wherein promoting the Creole culture is key. He also announced that Mauritius will propose for the inscription of the ‘Sega Chagossien’ on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
As for Minister Lesjongard, he  highlighted that the Festival Internasional Kreol essentially aims at celebrating the rich complexity of the Mauritian Creole culture.  He emphasised that its traditional arts in the form of music and dance as well as its language are among its key and unique constituents that will be showcased during the event. 
According to the Minister, the Festival Internasional Kreol will rally Mauritians around the Creole Culture which is a national heritage, and help the transfer of traditions and values. The two overarching aims of the Festival Internasional Kreol each year, is to promote the image of Mauritius as a tourist destination with a rich cultural heritage as well as to enable other neighbouring islands to discover the local Creole culture, hence strengthen bonds through the sharing of culture and values. 
Speaking about the theme for this year’s event, ‘Kreolité nou larmoni’, the Minister observed that the Creole language and culture while being specific to each island, have a common root and enable a fraternal bonding among them through their shared values.  This shared cultural heritage creates union and brotherhood both locally and internationally, he added.
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