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Dis’Ability Business Forum to be organised for the recruitment of disabled persons

Date: September 03, 2014
Domain:Social Security
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – 3 September 2014: The Minister of Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions, Mrs Sheila Bappoo announced yesterday in Port Louis, at a press conference, the organisation of a ‘Dis’Ability Business Forum on 15 and 16 September 2014. The forum is being organised by the Training and Employment of Disabled Persons Board (TEDPB), in collaboration with the Global Rainbow Foundation, on the theme ‘Be ‘Dis’Ability Confident’.
According to the Minister, the main objectives of the forum are to foster confidence among employers of public and private sectors and enable businesses to learn how to recruit and employ persons with disabilities on the basis of “abilities” and “as a matter of right”. The forum will also be an opportunity to leverage new and innovative recruitment strategies for employers, she added.
We are concerned with the abilities of the disabled person, help that person find a job for jobs bring dignity, underlined Mrs. Bappoo. The aim of the TEDPB is to help disabled persons find employment according to their specific skills and competencies, she recalled.
The fact that disabled persons are deprived of employment, pointed out Mrs Bappoo, goes against the Conventions signed by Mauritius with regards to the rights of those persons. She evoked the legal amendments brought in favour of disabled persons where employers with more than 35 employees need to have 3 per cent of disabled persons.
Out of 60 000 disabled persons in Mauritius, some 8 400 are already in employment and 100 more found employment last year, stated the Minister, adding that however, around 6 000 disabled persons are still looking for a job. This forum will act as a job fair and be an opportunity for these 6 000 persons to get recruited and for employers to spot the talents and skills of these persons, she added.
With regard to the Service to Mauritius Programme which offers placement to new graduates, she pointed out that consideration has been given to graduates with disabilities also. Currently, eighteen of them are serving different Ministries/Departments, she said.
Minister Bappoo also announced the launching of a National Disability Award which will be held in December this year, to create more awareness in society.
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