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Draft White Paper on Arts and Culture to Develop Mauritius as a Cultural Carrefour

Date: December 31, 2013
Domain:Business & Industry; International Relations
Persona: Government; Citizen; Non-Citizen; Business

GIS - 31 December 2013: A draft White Paper on Arts and Culture entitled Creative Mauritius - Vision 2025, was released by the Ministry of Arts and Culture (MAC) for public consultation. This draft document is the first cultural policy framework that addresses major policy issues in the Arts and Culture Sector through a new awareness of the economic potential of the sector, along with the safeguard and promotion of our rich cultural heritage and cultural tourism.
The objective of the white paper is to overhaul and restructure the whole sector by addressing its key complexities. It is also an economic policy document targeted at the economic dimension of the Arts and Culture sector in Mauritius, which is perceived to be underutilized and underexploited. It builds a strong case for a new orientation of the MAC in particular, and for the Arts and Culture sector in general so that the former enables the latter to flourish and become a new pillar of the Mauritian economy in a context of necessary economic diversification.
It is recalled that in terms of cultural policy, “arts and culture” are increasingly understood to be a valuable segment of local, regional and global economies, and are measured as the “creative economy” segment of a country’s GDP.
Creative Mauritius - Vision 2025 is a milestone in terms of cultural policy for the Republic of Mauritius. It lays the foundation of the culture of a new century by giving scope to the creative potential of Mauritian artists, writers, performers, designers, and researchers, and strengthens the nation by making all Mauritians proud of their culture.
Although to be spearheaded by the MAC, this cultural policy requires support of all stakeholders. It is envisaged as a major new orientation with implications for economic development, wellbeing, innovation and research, education, employment, trade, ICT, industry, tourism and the environment, with the necessity for support and collaboration from the related ministries.
Creative Mauritius-Vision 2025 proposes to set the basis for a new pragmatic working collaboration between the MAC and its stakeholders, especially artists/ creative entrepreneurs, but also the wider public, and to do so it proposes a profound transformation of MAC and its substructures.
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