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Drawing of lots for first batch of squatters of Tranquebar

Date: November 30, 2015
Domain:Public Utilities; Social Security
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS - 30 November, 2015: The drawing of lots exercise to determine the allotment of housing units for a first batch of 56 squatters of Tranquebar was held today at Sir Harilal Vaghjee Memorial Hall in the presence of the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Lands, Mr Showkutally Soodhun, and the Minister of Social Integration and Economic empowerment, Mr Prithvirajsing Roopun. 
In his address, the Vice-Prime Minister recalled that the allotment of housing units is part of Government’s plan of addressing very rigorously but humanely the problem of squatting in Mauritius, either through relocation or regularisation in situ. “Government is committed to help the vulnerable households as we want every Mauritian to live with dignity,” underlined Mr Soodhun.  
To the beneficiaries, the Vice-Prime Minster said that the process of drawing of lots is totally transparent and independent with the presence of two judicial officers from the Supreme Court to ensure fairness. “The housing units have already been constructed and infrastructural works already completed,” said the Vice-Minister to the beneficiaries, adding that a letter of intent will be issued to them soon, to enable them to make applications to obtain electricity and water connections
According to Mr. Soodhun, the total cost of one housing unit with infrastructure is Rs 754,000 while the families will be required to pay less than the actual costing through monthly loan payments spread over 20 years. “Hence, for households whose salary per month does not exceed Rs 6,200, the monthly repayment cost will be Rs1, 684, and for those households earning more than Rs6,200, the repayment cost will be Rs2,236 per month,” explained Mr Soodhun. He stated that the beneficiaries, on paying all their monthly dues, will become the rightful owners of their housing unit.
Highlighting the necessity of the Road Project to reduce traffic congestion and pave the way for a high quality modern public infrastructure in Mauritius, the Minister of Social Integration and Economic empowerment, Mr Prithvirajsing Roopun, for his part, stressed that Government will not neglect human and social considerations in achieving economic development.
“Government is committed to support those who are most vulnerable, namely the low-income households,” stated Mr Roopun. The Minister affirmed that assistance and guidance will be provided to beneficiary families to empower them to enable them to move out of poverty and foster positive changes in their life.
It is recalled that there are some 82 squatters at Tranquebar who are living over part of the Ring Road Phase II Alignment. Only 56 cases out of the 82 families registered have been called upon for a drawing of lots. The remaining cases are still being investigated to ensure that these families satisfy the eligibility criteria.
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