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First Task Force launched to monitor complaints on Citizen Support Portal

Date: July 19, 2018
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS– 19 July, 2018: The first task force at regional level, which aims at ensuring close monitoring of complaints received by each organisation on the Citizen Support Portal (CSP), was launched yesterday by the Private Parliamentary Secretary (PPS), Mrs Deveena Sandhya Boygah, at the headquarters of the National Development Unit in Port Louis. Several officers of the Citizen Support Unit (CSU) and other organisations were present on the occasion.
In her address, PPS Boygah highlighted that several other task forces will be created and each one will be monitored by a PPS to ensure that all complaints received on the CSP are attended to in a timely and efficient manner. The task forces will meet on a monthly basis to take stock of the number of complaints received and attended to.
She underscored that a report giving an overview of how the task force has evolved, issues encountered and results obtained will be prepared following each meeting. The same report, she stated, will be sent to Cabinet.
Mrs Boygah informed that each task force will consist of representatives of different Ministries, parastatal bodies and other concerned stakeholders. She pointed out that the CSP is a testimony to Government’s vision to put citizens at the centre of all its activities. Since the launching of the CSP up to May 2018, 68% of the 43 000 complaints received have already been resolved, she added.
The Citizen Support Portal
Through the CSP, a citizen can register his complaint on a database managed by the CSU. Those who do not have access to internet can register their complaints at the Citizen Advise Bureau (CAB) nearest to their residence. Consequently, CAB organisers will refer the complaint to desk officers at the level of different Ministries, local authorities and parastatal bodies.
An automated response will then be generated to acknowledge receipt of the complaint, following which the citizen will be able to transmit, monitor and track his complaint on the portal through a unique reference number at any time. In parallel, a filtering of complaints will be done on the portal to ensure that simple complaints are handled and resolved within the minimum delay by the 35 CABs across the country and other stakeholders.
The objectives of this new complaints procedure are to promote transparency and confidence for a citizen to track the status of his complaint at any point in time; render Ministries and other stakeholders more responsive and accountable; harmonise and streamline procedures implemented; empower citizens through a paperless and time-saving method to register complaints on a 24/7 basis using internet; and enable Government to take or review policy decisions based on analysis of the complaints where no solutions are found.
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