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Fort Victoria Station Phase II to be Inaugurated in July 2012

Date: June 15, 2012
Domain:Public Utilities
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - June 15, 2012: The second phase of Fort Victoria station which comprises the installation of four 15 MW generators will be inaugurated in July 2012, said the chairperson of the Central Electricity Board (CEB), Mr Balraj Narroo, this morning at a press conference in Port Louis.
The chairperson, who was flanked by officials of the CEB, made an overview of the major projects and future orientation of the organisation. He pointed out that  the Fort Victoria phase 2 project necessitated investments to the tune of Rs 2,7 billion so as to meet the growing energy demand. As a result of a 2,4% increase in electricity demand noted during the period  2010-2011, the CEB is working on a new integrated electricity plan for the next ten years so as to meet future challenges.
Other projects include: the installation of two turbines of 15 MW at St Louis station which will be commissioned in 2014; increase in storage capacity of Sans Souci dam by next year; operation of a 350 kW mini hydro generating plant at Midlands dam in 2013; launching of a photovoltaic project of 10 MW capacity to be operational in 2014; implementation of a 66 kV transmission line between Henrietta and Combo through a substation at Case Noyale; and the installation of wind turbines at Plaine Sophie in 2014 which is expected to produce 55 GWh annually.
In line with the Maurice Ile Durable initiative, the CEB is promoting clean energy and on that score the Small Scale Distributed Generation was launched in December 2010. The project is geared towards individuals desiring to produce electricity for their own consumption from renewable energy sources and sell the excess energy to the CEB. As at date 23 small scale producers have been connected to the national grid.
The Chairperson outlined that the CEB is upgrading its customer care services. Pre-paid metering has been introduced and around 48 000 electric meters have been installed for residential consumers and 3 000 for the industrial and commercial sectors. Furthermore, automatic remote meter reading is already in place for some 668 consumers islandwide through the use of smart metering system which will be progressively extended to a larger population in due course for commercial and industrial consumers. He reiterated his determination to improve relations between CEB and the customers.
As regards Rodrigues, Mr Narroo said that a generating unit of capacity 2,5 MW will soon be installed at Pointe Monnier and the commissioning is scheduled for end of 2012. Rodrigues has seven wind turbines namely three of capacity 60 KW each at Trèfles and four of capacity 275 KW each at Grenade, which contribute about 10% of the total energy generated in the island.
Mr Narroo also spoke about the profit incurred by the CEB in 2011 which was to the tune of Rs 1 billion. However, for 2012 the projection is around Rs 200 million taking into account the impact of the prices of heavy fuel and coal on the organisation’s finance. The CEB is determined to meet future challenges as well as play a dominant role in the economic development of the country, he said.
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