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Four families in Floréal and Curepipe receive keys of their housing units

Date: July 05, 2019
Domain:Social Security
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 05 July, 2019: Four eligible families under the Full Concrete Housing (FCH) Unit Scheme, from the regions of Floréal and Curepipe, received yesterday, keys of their housing units, during a ceremony held at a beneficiary’s house in Eau Coulée, Curepipe. The Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment, Mr Alain Wong, was present on that occasion.
In his address, Minister Wong reiterated Government’s determination to propel the country in a new social paradigm, wherein the poor and vulnerable people are provided with the necessary assistance to uplift their living conditions and empower them. He recalled that the various measures to attain Government’s objectives of eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life of the vulnerable include: the setting up of the FCH, the introduction of Minimum Wage and Negative Income Tax; increase of the Old Age Pension Allocation; free tertiary education; and implementation of various grants and schemes.
He stated that owning a house represents a new start in life of the families who will now live in decent conditions and in dignity.  On that note, he pointed out that the housing units are equipped with all the necessary facilities, amenities, safety, security and a harmonious environment where beneficiaries can live an active and healthy life. He also announced that by end 2019, 126 houses will be built and delivered to poor families across Mauritius.
Furthermore, Mr Wong said that the underlying aim of the Scheme which is to ensure a proper upbringing of children, who are the future of the country, in a healthy environment. He urged parents to demonstrate a sense of responsibility, discipline, and make necessary sacrifices to earn a living, achieve financial independence and stability, and improve their social status and to inculcate these values to their children.
Full Concrete Housing Units Scheme
The FCH project is a joint collaboration of the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF) and the Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment. The housing units range from 40 m² to 50 m² and are at a cost of a maximum of Rs 900,000, 75 % funded by NEF and 25 % by the beneficiary.
As at date, the NEF has constructed 100 FCH houses across the island and some 130 units are expected to be completed by June 2020.
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