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Government Relocates Families of Quatre Soeurs Affected by Landslide

Date: February 14, 2014
Domain:Public Infrastructure
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – 14 February 2014: Eleven households from Quatre Soeurs who were victims of landslide in 2010, are being relocated to Camp Ithier, Flacq. A drawing of lots for a portion of land of 11 perches at the said site was held yesterday afternoon in the office of the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping, Mr. Anil Bachoo. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, Dr. Arvin Boolell; the Minister of Housing and Lands, Dr. Abu Twalib Kasenally; and the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Mr. Sutyadeo Moutia, were present at the ceremony.
In his address, Minister Bachoo pointed out that, in the wake of a geotechnical study and following site visits to Quatre Soeurs, Government has decided that the best solution was the relocation of the inhabitants affected by the landslide. In this context, the Ministry of Housing and Lands has allocated a plot to each household at Camp Ithier.
The security of inhabitants is our prime concern, said the Minister, while recalling that it is not easy for these families to move out, especially the elderly ones have spent most of their life at Quatre Soeurs. Given that the site has become dangerous for the families, Government ruled that relocating them was the only solution. 
Ministers Boolell and Kasenally reiterated Government’s mission is to serve all citizens of the Republic of Mauritius, especially the vulnerable groups. They are of the view that the site to which these families are being relocated is a prime area with all the necessary infrastructures.
With a view to mitigating the consequences of landslide in Mauritius, Government signed an agreement of technical cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2005.  Consequently, since 2007 the responsibility of landslide management was entrusted to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping.
Topographic surveys carried out by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping, in collaboration with JICA, have identified thirty-seven disaster sites with potential landslide problems in Mauritius, namely Chitrakoot at Vallée-des-Prêtres, Quatre Soeurs and Vallée Pitot. Some steep regions have been suspected to have a potential risk of developing the critical situation which may trigger soil movement.
Landslide is the phenomenon in which the wide range and gentle slope moves down slowly under the influence of groundwater. Since landslides occur over a massive area, and a large amount of soil mass is moved in general, it can cause serious damages. In most case, rainfall and condition of groundwater level cause landslide occurrence.
Picture shows recipients of plot of land at Camp Ithier
Government Information Service, Prime Minister’s Office, Level 6, New Government Centre, Port Louis, Mauritius. Email: Website:
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