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Government is determined to reducing unemployment rate

Date: May 15, 2019
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GIS - 15 May, 2019: Government is determined to reducing unemployment rate in Mauritius and facilitate access to gainful employment as well as empowering job seekers with requisite competence and skills on the job market.
his statement was made by the Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training, Mr Soodesh Callichurn, yesterday at the opening of a two-day workshop held in Port-Louis which aims at presenting new range of services for both jobseekers and employers.
The Minister highlighted that it is essential to guide and orient jobseekers who are confronted to the changing needs of the job market so as to make them employable over a longer period. The workshop, he said, is in line with the restructuring of the Public Employment Service for better support and accompaniment of job seekers.
Several training programs, he emphasised, are being conducted to equip the unemployed with necessary knowledge and skills for increased job opportunities adding that employment agencies play a major role in communicating information about the demand and supply of the job market. To this end, these agencies are being redesigned for improved range of services and support to facilitate access to employment, he pointed out.
Speaking about the National Employment Act 2017, he underlined that it provides for the creation of a National Employment Department empowered to collect and analyse data on any employment related matter in order to respond to the dynamic needs of the labour market.
Minister Callichurn added that the labour market information on the demand and supply of skills to local employers, job seekers and training institutions is crucial for manpower planning and forecasting. The National Employment Department, he said, will complement Government’s actions to further combat unemployment and cater to the needs of both employers and job seekers.
He pointed out that the workshop will provide a platform for sharing information relevant to the current situation of the job market and address challenges regarding employment generation and skills development so as to respond to the labour market needs.
Some 50 participants including employers and job seekers are attending the workshop which is being held by the Ministry in collaboration with the Agence Française de Développement and Pôle emploi of France.
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