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Government to introduce online shopping of essential goods as from tomorrow

Date: March 26, 2020
Domain:Health; Agriculture and Food Security; Business & Industry; Consumer Protection
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS – 26 March 2020: The population will be able to purchase essential goods through online shopping as from Friday 27 March 2020, during the lockdown period. Food, beverages, health and sanitary products, and toiletries are what constitute essential goods that can be purchased online through the following shops:,,,, and
The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Mr Yogida Sawmynaden, made this announcement, today, at a press conference in relation to Covid-19.
Mr. Sawmynaden reiterated Government’s commitment to ensure that the population have access to essential goods while ensuring minimum personal interactions among the population to avoid further propagation of the Covid-19.
He indicated that the Government and the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) are collaborating to set up this online shopping platform whereby various companies will be able to sell essential goods following the complete lockdown.
The Minister lauded the partnership between the Government, the MCCI and the private sector to cater for the needs of the population during this time, and expressed gratitude to the spirit of patriotism of business owners who have put aside their profit-making motivations. On that note, he urged other private companies willing to join this endeavour to contact the MCCI.
He also pointed out that the personnel who will be involved in the home delivery system, will abide fully to the sanitary recommendations against the Covid-19.
Mr. Sawmynaden underlined that it is essential for everyone to collaborate in this unprecedented critical situation, which necessitates changes in one’s consumption habits and urged Mauritians to act in a responsible manner and avoid excessive shopping.
He also recalled that distribution of basic food commodities to the vulnerable namely citizens who are on the Social Register of Mauritius, those who receive the Carers’ Allowance, as well as residents of Homes and the disabled, has started as from this morning.
Moreover, the Minister reiterated that there is no such shortage of basic commodities such as rice, oil, flour, milk and petrol as well as LPG gas on the market.
He deplored the persisting irresponsible actions of Mauritians who are still not conforming to the lockdown measures, thus putting their own life and that of their family in jeopardy. He appealed to the population to abstain from going out unless absolutely necessary.
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