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Greens Roofs: Seminar focuses on ecological and socioeconomic benefits

Date: November 26, 2015
Domain:Education & Training; Business & Industry
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GIS– 26 November 2015: Green roofs’ wide-ranging ecological, economic and social advantages were at the fore of a seminar held today at Ebène Heights, in Ebène Cyber-city, following the conduct of a research project entitled ‘Assessing the benefits of Greens Roofs in Mauritius’.
An initiative of the Mauritius Research Council under its unsolicited research grant scheme, the research project was conducted by Pro Design Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Main benefits of green roofs include: buffering storm water and ensuring better rain water management; improving micro climate around buildings as well as air quality; binding dust and toxic particles; attenuating noise pollution; reducing heat gain and improving energy efficiency; and increasing biodiversity.
The research project had as objectives to: understand the design principles and implications associated with green roof technology; survey the local market to gather information on the availability of products and technologies for implementing green roofs in Mauritius; and, propose areas of research to bridge any gap in knowledge to design and analyse in an enhanced manner the performance of green roofs in the local context.  It also provides a platform to propose preliminary green roof designs for different purposes and investigate the potential benefits related to thermal comfort and storm water management.
Recent scientific studies on the international level have revealed several ecological benefits associated to green roofs namely: reduction in energy consumption for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning); storm water retention; urban heat island effect mitigation; and acoustic attenuation.
It is recalled that green roofs are installed for various purposes (agriculture, insulation and shelter against natural elements).  In the past, green roofs were covered with earth and plants, but currently technological progress and changing expectations of building owners have led to the development and commercialisation of green roofs which are water proof and root proof.
Green roofs can prove to be a valuable green feature within Mauritius’ built environment, especially in the context of the country’s sustainability agenda, with emphasis on energy efficiency, resilience against flash floods and preservation of biodiversity.
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