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Guide for Estimating and Bidding to Better Help Small and Medium Contractors

Date: October 24, 2013
Domain:Public Infrastructure
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – 24 October 2013: A half-day workshop on the draft “Guide for Estimating and Bidding”, aimed at helping small and medium contractors to develop a professional understanding of the construction procurement process was held today at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, Bell Village, in the presence of the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping, Mr. Anil Bachoo. On the same occasion, a new format of the Form with regard to “Conditions of Contract for Minor Works” was launched.
The workshop which is organised at the initiative of the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), is a consultation exercise undertaken with stakeholders to discuss on the draft Guide of Estimating and Bidding which has been developed in collaboration with the Mauritius Association of Quantity Surveyors. Through this first draft Guide, CIDB is giving potential users the opportunity to express their views thereon before it is finalised.
In his address, Minister Bachoo recalled that CIDB has run several programmes and workshops to help small and medium contractors improve their knowledge and skills. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, through the Procurement and Policy Office, is also trying to see how they can encourage and increase the participation of these contractors in the procurement of public works, he said.
On that score, the number of district contractors has been increased from five to ten and other measures are being considered with a view to assist small and medium contractors to operate at the level of  district contractors, Minister Bachoo added.
Many of these contractors do not have a clear understanding of the procurement process and this is one of their weaknesses which often drive them out of business. However, they have the experience and the capabilities, and yet they are unable to succeed when bidding, especially for public works, he deplored.
Consequently, it was deemed necessary to develop the Guide for small and medium contractors to explain the estimation process and help them acquire  the basic skills in preparing estimates for bidding with a methodic approach, Mr. Bachoo pointed out.
Furthermore, in its endeavour to further develop construction agreements and contracts, CIDB has come up with the Conditions of Contract for Minor Works to provide the construction sector with an additional choice among the existing contracts which have been developed in other sectors. The new format of the Forms of Contract for Minor Works developed by CIDB is a very simple and user-friendly document which takes into consideration the local context.
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