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HRDC Workshop to Focus on Labour Shortage in Financial Services Sector

Date: June 26, 2012
Domain:Employment/Labour; Economy & Finance
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - June 26, 2012: Professionals and stakeholders from the financial services sector will be called to deliberate on and validate the findings of a survey on Labour shortage in the financial services sector in Mauritius.  In this context, the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) is holding a workshop on Thursday 28 June 2012 at La Cannelle, Domaine Les Pailles.
Participants will include representatives from banks, offshore companies, credit institutions, insurance and leasing companies, investment firms, finance authorities, associations, and training and tertiary education institutions, amongst others.
A survey on labour shortage carried out in August-September 2011 among 90 companies operating in the financial services sector showed that over 55% of the employers were experiencing labour shortage at national level. The objectives of the survey were to assess the current situation of labour shortage; identify the immediate and future specific skills requirements; identify the profile of employees required by employers; and make recommendations for policy makers to formulate strategies to reduce the labour mismatch.
In the light of these findings, the HRDC came forward with recommendations to boost the sector in terms of human resource requirements by attracting more employees to join the industry; retaining the qualified workforce; enhancing the development of human capital; and preparing for future skills requirement.  Inputs from the participants during the workshop together with the findings of the survey will be used by the HRDC to elaborate a Human Resource Training plan that would meet the demand for and supply of skilled labour in the financial services sector.
This final report of the HRDC will serve as a guide to employers, training institutions and policy makers to help identify skills shortages, anticipate future skills and competencies needed to push the sector to new heights and ensure that training is demand-driven.
On the basis of the recommendations from stakeholders and the findings of the report, HRDC will draw list of projects as well as an implementation plan to address the skills shortage in this sector.
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