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Human Rights Monitoring Committee held in context of International Human Rights Day

Date: December 06, 2017
Domain:Judiciary; Law and Order
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – 06 December, 2017: The Human Rights Monitoring Committee met today under the chairmanship of the Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Institutional Reforms, Mr Maneesh Gobin, at the Lunch Room of the National Assembly.
The meeting forms part of several activities organised by the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Institutional Reforms, in collaboration with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Prime Minister’s Office, to mark the International Human Rights Day, observed on 10 December every year.
Some 30 representatives of Ministries, departments as well as from the Mauritius Police Force, Non-Governmental Organisations, and the Equal Opportunities Commission were present on that occasion.
In his address, Minister Gobin highlighted that the setting up of a full-fledged Ministry for human rights is an indication that necessary conditions have been put in place for meaningful work to be achieved. He also pointed out that the Committee will henceforth be meeting more than once a year.
The Minister added that in view of encouraging Ministries and departments to work in a smarter way, the possibility of the Monitoring Committee to become a National Human Rights Secretariat has to be explored.
Human Rights Monitoring Committee
The objectives of the Committee are to ensure regular monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations of the Action Plan on Human Rights based on the sectoral action plans; to ensure that adequate resources are available for the implementation of the policies, training and sensitisations being carried out at sectoral level; and to recommend collaborative arrangements with local and external partners for the effective implementation of the projects identified.
Some of the recommendations of the Committee include encouraging and facilitating greater involvement of civil society and business in the promotion and protection of human rights, and better protecting and safeguarding rights of vulnerable persons.
They also emphasise on reinforcing international cooperation on human rights through greater commitment to Universal and Regional Human Rights Treaties and greater international engagement for promotion and protection of human rights, and enhancing human rights education and awareness.
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