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ICT - Cybersecurity conference marks Computer Security Day 2014

Date: November 28, 2014
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – November 28, 2014:  Computer Security Day 2014, aiming to provide insight into the privacy and security issues surrounding electronically stored sensitive information, was marked this morning during a cybersecurity conference at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, in Pailles.
The cybersecurity conference is bringing together Business Executives, Senior Management and Information Security Professionals.  Organised by CERT-MU (Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius), a division of the National Computer Board, the event aims to enable the sharing of experiences between Information Security Professionals as well as favour a better understanding for them to safeguard their organisation’s most valuable asset-information.
The growth of the Internet has broadened the scope in all spheres of life, but there is still a downside - its associated security risks with an increase in the number of cybercrimes, said the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Mr Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, in his opening address at the conference.
The Minister singled out some of the more widespread examples of criminal activities such as spamming, credit card fraud, software piracy, denial of service attacks, dissemination of child pornography, sextortion, cyber bullying, computer viruses, phishing, email spying and cracking.  The potential for harm is severe not only for businesses but for personal users as well, observed the Minister.
While development is the ultimate goal, security is the guarantee of achieving that goal and Government has always placed great emphasis on cyber security, said the Minister. One of the main objectives of the Government, stressed the Minister, is to shape the right environment to make ICT more accessible and affordable to the citizens in a quest to eventually make Internet a ‘basic citizen’s right’.
According to Mr Pillay Chedumbrum, Government is working hard to enhance the development of the Internet by devising appropriate policies and providing a favourable market environment and a sound legal framework.  ‘We see the Internet as a major driving force that is helping to transform our development pattern and adjust our economic structure. We will further improve the Internet infrastructure in order to make internet available to every family’, he added.
The conference
Local and foreign speakers, from the Information Technology industry, are discussing current challenges and future opportunities in cyber-security.  Themes on the work agenda comprise: Facing cyber threats – Be realistic on our digital transformation; Secure and Protect your critical infrastructure; A new approach to data-centric security; An enhanced framework for incident handling; Cyber threat intelligence – Threat intelligence v/s actionable intelligence; Securing enterprise identities; Identity and access control – managing your privileged users; Mobile security revolutionalised.
Other activities being held to mark Computer Security Day include: an exhibition to showcase the latest products on Computer Security and a professional Training programme on Digital Forensics Investigation. The cyber security conference, exhibition and professional training are being organised in collaboration with Symantec, Secure Services (Mauritius) Limited, Harel Mallac Technologies, Orange, Oracle, Check Point, McAfee, SafeNet and CyberArk.
Computer Security Day
Computer Security Day is an annual event that is observed worldwide since 1988 to help raise awareness of computer related security issues.  It is designed to raise awareness and to promote best practices in Information Security.
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