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ICT Incubator/Accelerator for high-tech and innovative entrepreneurship to be set up in Ebène

Date: September 30, 2015
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GIS – September 30, 2015: The La Plage Incubator/Accelerator - an ICT Incubator/Accelerator - aiming at creating a conducive ecosystem for high-tech and innovative entrepreneurship, is being set up at Cyber Tower II, in Ebène Cyber City.
The creation of the high-tech and innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem is based on a one-stop-shop approach to enable potential entrepreneurs concentrate on the development of ideas/projects in order to transform these ideas/projects into profitable businesses.
The La Plage Incubator/Accelerator will accommodate some 60 positions with 15 “accelerates” and 45 “incubates” in the first year of operation with the objective of attaining 45 “accelerates” and 15 “incubates” in the third year.
It is recalled that an Accelerator, the Ebène Accelerator, is operational since July 2013, and offers access to a wide-range of services to young entrepreneurs.  Providing the necessary visibility and the technical support to application developers to create, test and market apps and software, the Accelerator is accessible 24/7.  It comprises 60 work areas in an open space design with broadband internet connection.
The Accelerator also acts as an exchange platform based on values such as transparency and sharing, whereby young people in the ICT sector are encouraged to create their own enterprises and also propose their skills to other enterprises once they have started operating.
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