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IOR-ARC Gurgaon Communiqué: Union of Comoros admitted as 20th Member

Date: November 05, 2012
Domain:International Relations
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - Nov 05, 2012: The Union of Comoros has been admitted as the 20th member of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC), while the United States of America has been admitted as 6th Dialogue Partner of IORARC.


The Gurgaon Communiqué, which was adopted on 2 November at the conclusion of the 12th Council of Ministers (COM) Meeting held in Gurgaon, India enumerates key issues taken into consideration.


The 12th COM Meeting followed the 14th meeting of the Committee of Senior Officials, the 18th meeting of the IOR Academic Group, the 12th meeting of the Working Group on Trade & Investment and the 18th meeting of the IOR Business Forum held from 29 October to 2 November 2012.


The Communiqué - Highlights


  • Strengthening IORARC institutions and enhancing their capabilities for IORARC to play its due role as the apex organization in the Indian Ocean region that can effectively deliver on issues of contemporary relevance to its Members.

  • Increasing capacities to deal with common challenges in a more effective manner by forging enduring partnerships, and supporting closer interaction between the Association and regional organizations in the Indian Ocean, such as the African Union.


  • Reaffirming the importance of maintaining freedom of navigation and safety and security of Sea Lanes of Communication in the Indian Ocean since piracy is an increasingly serious concern and poses a threat to maritime commerce and the safety of sea farers.


  • Emphasising the need of building human connectivity through deepening cultural cooperation and promoting tourism in the region which is marked by diversity in social and cultural values.


·         Working towards better preparedness to fight natural and other disasters in the maritime domain and necessity to develop cooperation among agencies concerned to evolve regional disaster management strategies and operational processes.


Australia will be chairing the IORARC for the next two years. The vice-chair is Indonesia. The next Council of Ministers Meeting will be held in Australia in 2013.

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