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Inauguration of Residence Opale in Sebastopol

Date: November 16, 2018
Domain:Social Security
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS 16 November 2018: A total of 91 Housing Units of 39 m2 each, in Residence Opale at Sebastopol, were inaugurated yesterday during a ceremony organised by the National Housing Development Co Ltd (NHDC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Lands.
The Minister of Housing and Lands, Mr Purmanund Jhugroo, the Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Mr Soomilduth Bholah, the Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance, Mr Dharmendar Sesungkur and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NHDC Ltd, Mr Gilles L’Entêté, were present.
In his address, Minister Jhugroo highlighted that the mission and purpose of this housing allocation is to facilitate access to a variety of affordable houses to cater for the evolving needs of present and future generations. To promote the strengthening of social and cultural integration through the provision of appropriate social and recreational facilities, he underlined that the housing project is enhanced with appropriate landscaped features, a children’s playground and a ‘petanque’ court for the residents and nearby community.
Mr Jhugroo emphasised that the housing units are constructed on a plot of land of around 204m2, with the possibility to be further extended to a total floor area of 98m2 as the Scheme also encourages self-help construction by families at the lower rung of the ladder. Each housing unit, he pointed out, is designed with a ground floor consisting of two bedrooms, a living and dining room, a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom.
Minister Bholah outlined that Residence Opale has been designed in an integrated manner so as to accommodate some basic social and recreational amenities to strengthen social and cultural integration.
Adherance to the parameters and standards listed in the housing specifications was the gist of the message by Minister Sesungkur who urged beneficiaries to abide by the rules namely compliance to loan repayment conditions, prohibition of selling the dwellings/lots, respect of the local environment and provided infrastructure and amenities.
For his part, the CEO of NHDC Ltd, Mr Gilles L’Entêté, underlined that the Residence Opale comprises of 5.5m and 6.0m wide internal roads, kerbs and 1.5m wide pedestrian pavement, complete on-site water supply and water reticulation network inclusive of connection to the CWA mains supply. He added that each house is being provided with water supply with appropriate fixtures as well as electricity with electrical fittings. Individual on-site sewage disposal system consisting of a septic tank and an absorption pit is also included. To ensure security of the residents during heavy rainfall and other calamities, storm water drains have been constructed in between the houses, he said.
The CEO of NHDC Ltd appealed to the beneficiaries to keep the Residence clean and safe. He pointed out that Government has already planned the construction of some 6 600 housing units and is targeting the construction of 10 000 housing units in the coming years, in line with its mission to eradicate poverty by providing a decent house to socially and economically disadvantaged families. 
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