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International Day Against Violence Against Women 2013 focuses on change of attitudes

Date: November 21, 2013
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 21 November, 2013: Creating a movement that will transform the Mauritian society so that every citizen enjoys peace and safety in the family home by taking his/her responsibility to fight any form of violence and adopting a zero tolerance attitude towards violence against women; this will be the main focus of the activities to be organised to mark the International Day Against Violence Against Women (IDAVAW), commemorated on 25 November each year.
The approach, as enunciated by the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, Mrs Mireille Martin, this morning during a press conference on activities to commemorate IDAVAW 2013, is geared towards reaching out to a maximum number of people to spread awareness on domestic violence and to promote a change in behaviour and attitudes towards violence and abuse.
The theme chosen to mark the event, Angaz Twa Kont LaviolansTake the commitment to fight violence, will help to bring attention to the need for all Mauritians to be concerned by the issue of domestic violence and be made aware of their duties towards both victims and perpetrators as well as to build a peaceful and safe society. According to the Minister, it is a follow-up to last year’s IDAVAW theme Peace in the Home, which aimed at bringing a transformation in mindset and promoting peace and harmony within the family.
Minister Martin stated that the main activity for IDAVAW 2013 will be held on 24 November at Grand Bay International Conference Centre. She made an appeal to all Mauritians to wear a white ribbon on that particular day to signify that they do not condone, and will not remain silent against, domestic violence.
On that occasion, two clips, one on the negative impact of domestic violence on children, and the second on the importance of reporting cases of domestic violence, will be launched. The two clips will be broadcast on national television during the first fortnight of December 2013, and will sustain the sensitisation activities to be organised by the ministry throughout 2014.
At the event, 721 religious leaders of the 26 sociocultural and religious organisations across Mauritius, who have participated in the Shared Faith Belief Programme whose objective is to fully engage religious bodies in the fight against gender-based violence, will officially take a pledge to support the fight against gender-based violence. They will also join the National Platform to End Gender-Based Violence.
To commemorate IDAVAW, the Ministry is also launching on 23 November a Victim empowerment abuser rehabilitation programme, targeting the human resources departments of both the public and private sector. The objective of the programme is to provide the relevant skills and tools to officers in the HR cadre to identify and report effectively cases of violence. Other activities scheduled in the context of IDAVAW are launching of a DVD on domestic violence, holding of capacity building programme for officers of the ministry and organisation of film shows on gender-based violence to empower women to fight domestic violence.
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