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Mahebourg Tourist Village project to enhance the city’s assets

Date: September 18, 2019
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS – 18 September, 2019: A consultation concerning the project ‘Mahebourg Tourist Village’ regrouping different stakeholders and members of the public was held, on 16 September 2019, at the Pointe Canon amphitheatre in Mahebourg in presence of the Minister of Tourism, Mr Anil Gayan.  The main objectives of the project are to upgrade and enhance the city’s assets; celebrate the identity of the place; and create the immersion experience specific to the moment.
Mr Gaetan Siew, architect from Visio Architecture Ltd, made a presentation on the National Regeneration Programme for Mahebourg and underlined that the project will be focused on four main themes namely promotion, celebration, experience, and innovation.
Traditionally, Mr Siew recalled, Mahebourg has been known for various fascinating features, its colourful regattas, its Tamil temple built in 1856, the heritage exhibits in its history, and the Naval Museum. With such a defining legacy, he said, a regeneration project cannot comprise only of a few more shops and tourists’ restaurant. Hence, the Mahebourg Regeneration Programme calls upon a large variety of projects, he added.
Speaking about the promotion of Mahebourg, the architect said that several aspects will be taken into account. These are namely: consolidation of utilities, internet, and security infrastructures; cleaning and embellishment comprising greening and landscaping; protection of wetlands and water areas; organisation of mobility such as pedestrianisation, cycle tracks, water taxi, and parking; renovation and promotion of all heritage sites and traditional houses; and design of a unique and harmonised signage format for the whole urban network, connected with the Mahebourg Smart App.
To promote the concept of celebration of the place, several activities and cultural events will be organised such as gastronomic events celebrating the uniqueness of the place: sound and light show of the Bataille du Vieux Grand-Port; Dombeya Music Festival; regatta; and storytelling.
Furthermore, the Mahebourg Regeneration Programme also focuses on the experience of the place which will lay emphasis on the Street Food concept – Night Food Market; Monday Market in Pointe Canon; Handicraft promotion; Heritage trails; and Land-Sea-River Treks. Under the concept of Innovative Place, heritage trails, land-sea-river treks as well as monastic and historical features will be showcased such as endemic gardens, Waterfront Promenade, and pedestrian bridges.
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