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Mauritius Hosts Workshop/Meeting on Global Ocean Observation System

Date: October 21, 2013
Domain:International Relations
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 21 October, 2013: The 10th Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observation System (IOGOOS) meeting and workshop opened this morning at Labourdonnais Hotel in Port Louis. The meeting is hosted by the Ocean Matters Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office, headed by Dr Rezah Badal.
To mark this five-day event, eminent oceanographers will address the meeting on specialist subjects ranging from Ocean Biogeochemistry, Marine Ecosystem, Sea Level Variability, Satellite Remote sensing, South West Indian Ocean Fisheries,  to analysis of new Moored Buoys Network, and Ocean Modelling and Forecasting.
Around 20 oceanographers and scientists from Australia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, America, Kenya, Mauritius, Iran, Malaysia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Japan, and South Africa are participating in the meeting/workshop on the theme: “Striving for an enhanced Ocean Observing and forecasting System in the region”.
In his opening address, the Permanent Secretary from the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr M. Seebah,  recalled that Mauritius has over 1,9 million sq km of EEZ and territorial waters and an additional 396 000 sq km of continental shelf. To that end, he said that the Government of Mauritius is aiming to make ocean-related activities a new growth pillar of the economy.
A process of national consultation has been undertaken to draw up a clear roadmap that will chart the way for the development of the ocean economy, Mr Seebah said.  
With regard to the fast increasing role that the ocean has to play in the global economy, he underlined the need for an integrated and holistic approach in all economic related activities to ensure optimisation, coherence and balance between economic, conservation, ecological and social considerations.
According to the Permanent Secretary, IOGOOS is being called upon to play a vital role to improve our capacity in ocean science. He expressed the wish to see the materialisation of the second International Indian Ocean expedition, adding that Mauritius will support the realisation of this important project which will expand further our knowledge in the behaviour of the ocean.
The Global Ocean Observation System for the region of the Indian Ocean, IOGOOS, was formally established in 2002 in Mauritius. The IOGOOS is a formal collaboration between 19 organisations from 10 countries of the region who agreed to share effort and work together for the implementation of an Observational System in the Indian Ocean.  
The ultimate goal of this Alliance is the promotion of activities of common interest to the members for the development of operational oceanography in the Indian Ocean region. Since its establishment, the IOGOOS has elaborated various initiatives that contribute to our regional capacity for a comprehensive ocean observation and understanding of the oceanic phenomena.
The establishment of an Indian Ocean Panel is one such realisation that has grouped leading scientists in the field of climate research and ocean state estimation. Other areas where the IOGOOS is also working is Ocean Remote Sensing which is using measured parameters from satellite sensors to look at the ocean current and its productivity. The IOGOOS is also supporting the establishment of regional warning centres in the event of tsunami.
It is promoting the establishment of deep-sea pressure measuring DART-like moorings (tsunameters) that track down tsunami waves. The establishment of mooring ocean sensors, like the Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian monsoon analysis and prediction is strongly supported.
The activities of IOGOOS encompass the following areas: enhancement of Ocean Observing System; data management, data exchange and communication; Ocean Services; and capacity building and research.
Government Information Service, Prime Minister’s Office, Level 6, New Government Centre, Port Louis, Mauritius. Email: Website:
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