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Minister Bundhoo visits newly constructed Operation Theatre and Wards Block at Victoria Hospital

Date: October 06, 2014
Domain:Health; Public Infrastructure
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 06 October, 2014: The Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Mr Lormus Bundhoo, effected this morning a site visit at the new Operation Theatre and Wards Block which has already been constructed at Victoria Hospital in Candos.
All infrastructural works carried out by the Chinese Contractor have been completed. Medical equipment, furniture, beds and two ambulances have already been delivered and are on site. Before the block can be put into operation, the following services have to be connected to the new building: electricity, water and sewer line.
The project is financed by the Chinese authorities to the tune Rs 600 million under a Government to Government agreement signed between Government of Mauritius and Government of Peoples’ Republic of China. 
The construction, which started in 2012, was carried out by a Chinese contractor, Nanjing Dadi Construction Group Co. Ltd. The Chinese aid project consists of a grant (1/3) and an interest-free loan (2/3), including design, construction and provision furniture and medical equipment.  The medical equipment and furniture comprise laryngoscope sets, electrical and Orthopaedic Operating tables, ICU beds and Fowlers beds, among others.
The project consists of ground floor and four floors and a partial basement.  The total floor area of the building is around 8 600 sq. feet and the building will accommodate six Operation Theatres; two recovery rooms, each with seven beds; one Intensive Care Unit with eight beds; and two female wards on the second floor and two male wards on the third floor,  with a total bed capacity of 120 beds.
In a bid to modernise health care services the Ministry has embarked on a number of infrastructural projects, stated the Minister of Health and Quality of Life.  On that score Rs 1,2 billion have been  earmarked for the last three years for projects at Victoria Hospital. 
Already completed are projects worth Rs 853 million namely extension of Cardiac Unit at (Rs 94.4 M), renovation and conversion of Ward C12 into an Intensive Care Unit (Rs 11.8 M),  new Operation Theatre and Ward Block (Rs 600 million), tarring of Roads (Rs 24.4 M), wards at new Outpatient department (Rs 66.2 M ), upgrading of Ward E5 (Rs 5M), renovation of Labour Ward and Nursery  (Rs 5M), renovation of Central Health Laboratory (Rs 6.5 M), and acquisition of equipment for angiography, mammography and CT scan (Rs 40 M ).
Future projects at Victoria Hospital to the tune of Rs 350 million comprise the construction of a bunker and supply, installation and commissioning of equipment to the tune of Rs 211.2 million, new Catering Unit (Rs 121 M), and relocation of Radiotherapy Outpatient department (Rs 17.9 M). 
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