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Minister Callichurn announces setting up of a new National Employment Department

Date: May 17, 2018
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GIS - 17 May 2018: A new National Employment Department, a one-stop shop for registration of jobseekers, employment counselling, training and placement of jobseekers will be set up in the coming days.  A National Interactive Information Dashboard will also be set up within the framework of the National Employment Department to harness labour market information for research and analysis for policy formulation. 
The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training, Mr Soodesh Callichurn, made this announcement this morning at the award of certificates ceremony for the Employability Skills Programme for graduates organised by the Barclays Bank in Port Louis. 
According to Minister Callichurn, the implementation of the new National Employment Department and the National Interactive Information Dashboard will revisit the whole structure of the Employment Service and will enable Government to reach the targeted unemployment rate of 4% by the year 2030.
He further pointed out that the unemployment rate has decreased from 7.3% for year 2016 to 7.1% for year 2017, but still remains a cause of concern for Government. He underpinned that Government is working on two major policies to address this issue. The National Employment Act was passed in the National Assembly in October last year to provide for a more appropriate and modern legislative framework to address the needs of the labour market and a new National Employment Policy is being drafted to give a new direction to address the employment challenges, he underlined.
As regards the Employability Skills Programme, Minister Callichurn commended Barclays Bank for this initiative and made an appeal to the private sector to join in this endeavour. He stressed that one of the main challenges faced by the graduates is skills mismatch while adding that the acquisition of core skills are needed to enable graduates to stand out in interviews and secure a job. 
Furthermore, he urged the Academia and the training institutions to adapt their academic courses to the labour market demand.  He congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of the training and wished them best of luck in their jobs search and their career.
Employability Skills Programme
A total of 48 Graduates under the Youth Employment Programme were selected for the three-day training course to better equip them to integrate the world of work.  A first batch of 25 trainees followed the course from 08 to 10 November 2017 and the second batch was trained from 07 to 09 March 2018. 
The Programme comprised an introduction and exposure to corporate working environment; awareness and support of how to enter the employment market; equipping graduates with employability and interviewing skills; and communication, presentation and teamwork.
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