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Minister Callichurn urges the youths to consider making a career in maritime industry

Date: October 19, 2018
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GIS - 19 October, 2018: The Oceangoers Ltd, incorporated in April 2018 to become the Mediterranean Shipping Company Cruises’ (MSC) exclusive hiring partner in Mauritius, was launched yesterday by the Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training, Mr. Soodesh Callichurn, during a ceremony held at the Taylor Smith House in Port-Louis.
The Oceangoers Ltd aims at providing professional and dedicated manning services to MSC Cruises, a leading international organisation in the cruising industry, while ensuring that its standards are compliant with the Maritime Labour Convention.
In his address, Minister Callichurn underlined that the ocean economy has been set out as a new pillar of economic development for Mauritius in the Government Vision 2030. The partnership with MSC, Taylor Smith and Oceangoers Ltd comes at an opportune time in our vision for the development of the ocean economy, he stated, while recalling that the group guarantees world best practices in its field of expertise.
He pointed out that by virtue of being an island State, shipping plays a vital role in the economy of the country and that it relies heavily on maritime trade.  Accordingly,   Government is embarking on several projects for the sustained development of the ocean economy sector namely, the bunkering hub, the expansion of the harbour and research related to the ocean, which will create job opportunities for the youth, he said.
Other measures in this regard, listed out by the Minister, include the ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 on 30 May 2014, which came into force on 30 May 2015 and the setting up of a dedicated Ministry to oversee ocean related activities namely, fisheries, shipping, marine resources and outer islands.
Furthermore, Minister Callichurn underscored the pivotal role of the human element for a safe, secure and efficient shipping industry. According to him, it is crucial to ensure that the workforce is equipped with the required competencies and experience in line with international standards for a safe, secure and efficient shipping industry.
The Minister further underlined the paradox of the acute shortage of seafarers being felt globally, despite the interesting career prospects and remunerating packages that the maritime industry offers. He added that in order to address this shortage at the local level, Government is poised to collaborate with other stakeholders to provide the support required for manpower in this emerging sector.
On that score, he urged young Mauritians to avail themselves of the tailor-made courses being offered by the maritime training institutions to acquire the required skills and be prepared to tap those opportunities, adding that they have the advantage of being bilingual to pave their career in the domain.
The MSC has already onboard over 1000 Mauritians who are working in its different departments and over 500 new recruits will be required by 2019. 
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