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Minister Choonee launches White paper on Arts and Culture

Date: November 05, 2014
Domain:Arts & Culture
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS – November 5, 2014:  A White Paper Creative Mauritius – Vision 2025, outlining the cultural policy framework for the Arts and Culture sector of Mauritius, was launched today in Port-Louis.  The objective is to overhaul and restructure the Arts and Culture sector by addressing its key complexities.
The document, prepared by the Ministry of Arts and Culture (MAC), is the first comprehensive cultural policy framework that takes into account the potential of the creative economy and the necessity for a new equilibrium for the Republic of Mauritius, ranging from the rich and diverse cultural heritage (the live past), contemporary creativity (the pressing present) to the anticipated aspirations of future generations (the fast-forward future).
The White Paper is also an economic policy document targeted at the economic dimension of the Arts and Culture sector in Mauritius.  It builds a strong case for a new orientation of the MAC in particular, and for the Arts and Culture sector in general so that the former enables the latter to flourish and become a new pillar of the economy in a context of economic diversification.
Creative Mauritius – Vision 2025 further proposes to set the basis for a new pragmatic working collaboration between the MAC and its stakeholders especially artists, creative entrepreneurs and the public.  It lays the foundation of the culture of a new century, comprising several specific recommendations as well as an overview of issues such as capacity-building, funding and legislation for the successful implementation of the document.
In his address at the launching ceremony, the Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Mookhesswur Choonee, recalled that culture, which encompasses creativity, is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector.  The White Paper elaborates on the vision of how culture has to evolve during the next ten to fifteen years, he said.
The Minister also expressed the wish for the creative industry to become a pillar of the economy in the same vein as tourism, ICT, and the financial services sectors.
“We want the realisation that culture can make a valuable contribution to the economy as a way to encourage decision-makers at all levels to re-evaluate the place of culture in the developmental agenda.  There is no future without culture”, he added.
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