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Mo Ibrahim Ranks Mauritius First for the Sixth Consecutive Year

Date: October 24, 2012
Domain:Environment; Education & Training; Economy & Finance
Persona: Government

GIS - October 24, 2012: Mauritius has been ranked first in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) 2012 for the sixth consecutive year. Among the 53 countries rated by the Foundation, Mauritius scored the highest overall mark of 83 points which is also higher than the regional average for Southern Africa and the continental average which stands at 59 and 51 points respectively.
According to Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Mauritius’ score with regards to global governance has improved between 2000 and 2011. The country recorded its highest score in the category Security and rule of law that is 88 points and 78 points in the class participation and human rights category. Regarding the sub-categories, Mauritius is placed 1st for Personal Safety, Environment and Social Protection business.
The IIAG pointed out that Southern Africa is the top performing African region and states that since the year 2000, overall governance progress has been achieved within the African continent. There have been positive trends in 11 out of the 14 sub-categories, including all sub-categories within the Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development categories.
Out of the 88 indicators that constitute the IIAG, improvements have been noted in the border tensions, international conventions relating to fundamental human rights, legislation on violence against women, the ratio of fiscal revenue over expenditures budget digital coverage and antiretroviral treatment. Mo Ibrahim Foundation advocates for visionary leadership and responsible governance for greater social justice in Africa.
However, this year, the Board of Foundation of the IIAG has not selected any laureate for the Ibrahim prize for achievement in African Leadership. The prize has been established to recognise and celebrate excellence in African leadership, and to provide laureates with the opportunity to pursue their commitment to the African continent once they have stepped down from office. It is awarded to a democratically elected former African Executive Head of State or Government who has left office in the previous three years; served his/her constitutionally mandated term; and demonstrated excellence in office. In 2011, the prize was awarded to President Pedro Verona Pires, of Cape Verde for his vision in transforming his country into a model of democracy, stability and increased prosperity.
The Ibrahim Index of African Governance is the most comprehensive collection of quantitative data that provide an annual assessment of governance performance in Africa. The Index supports good governance and leadership in Africa. The four categories of governance as assessed by the Index comprise Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development.
IIAG was established in recognition of the need for a robust, comprehensive and quantifiable tool for civil society to track government performance in Africa. It is Africa's leading annual assessment of governance established to inform and empower the continent's citizens and support governments, parliaments and the civil society to assess progress.
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