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MoU signed between Prison Service and MITD for renewed collaboration

Date: August 18, 2017
Domain:Law and Order
Persona: Business; Citizen; Government; Non-Citizen

GIS - 18 August, 2017:  A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at consolidating the collaboration between the Mauritius Prisons Service (MPS) and the Mauritius Institute for Training and Development (MITD) was signed yesterday at the MITD House in Phoenix. The signatories were the Chairman of the MITD Board, Mr François de Grivel, and the Commissioner of Prisons, Mr Premananda Appadoo.
The responsibilities of the MITD, through the MoU, are to assist the MPS in developing training programmes, secure MQA accreditation, register for courses and trainers, run courses, conduct examinations, ensure quality assurance through monitoring of courses, provide resource persons to deliver specific topics, issue exam results / certificates, and train the trainers of MPS.
In his address, the Chairman of the MITD Board, Mr François de Grivel, underlined that the MITD, as a responsible organisation contributing to the betterment of the society, is fully engaged in reforming prison inmates who are undergoing their respective sentences at the Mauritius Prisons.
This reform, he said, is being carried out through the provision of TVET courses which have proven to rehabilitate prisoners by equipping them with the necessary skills or training to function as law-abiding citizens upon their reintegration in society. The effect of TVET on recidivism can be attributed to the fact that it provides an ex-offender with a ready means for earning a living through employment. Indirectly, employment helps reintegration into the society as the ex-offender is able to bypass negative attitudes and contribute meaningfully to the society, he added.
For his part, the Commissioner of Prisons, Mr Premananda Appadoo, highlighted that training of detainees is a major component of the rehabilitation process in prisons while adding that a significant amount of resources is used in imparting knowledge and equipping detainees with skills in a bid to break the offending cycle.
He recalled that since 2002, the training of detainees was given more thrust when the MITD/MQA approved courses were implemented in the training curriculum. Our Vocational Training Centre emerged as a ‘Tremplin’ in the social re-integration of released detainees and from 2002, the Tremplin Vocational Training Centre is spearheading four MITD/MQA approved courses namely welding, garment making, wood trade and pastry, he added.
The Commissioner of Prisons pointed out that some 213 detainees and 11 officers have already undergone training in these four courses. According to him, the training programmes addresses the needs of both men and women while recalling that participants came out first at national level in welding and garment making on several occasions.
Mr Appadoo expressed the wish for a greater number of detainees to benefit from vocational training in particular those with high illiteracy rates and short sentenced detainees. He appealed to the MITD to consider second chance learning, the Recognition of Prior Learning, attendance courses and training for juveniles. 
Training programmes for the MPS
A series of training programmes are being run by the MITD for the MPS. They are: National Trade Certificate (NTC) 3 in Welding for 107 detainees and three prison officers; National Certificate (NC3) in Wood Trade for 23 detainees; NC3 in Garment Making for female detainees of Beau Bassin, among which  41 prisoners and 7 prison officers were the recipients of the course; NC3 in Pastry for 29 detainees of Petit Verger Prison, 13 female detainees of Beau Bassin, 24 detainees of Melrose Prison and one prison officer; NC3 in Housekeeping to 15 prison officers; NC3 in Hairdressing to13 female detainees; and Train the Trainer programme for a batch of 21 prison officers. A series of tailor-made programmes were also mounted in Farming, Basketry, Shoemaking, Vegetable Production in Green House for detainees.
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